Web Development Specifications: Part 2

Aug 18, 2000 - Richard continues the description of a specification you need to put together to present to web-design firms for a quote. Section by section, he tells you how to spell out your needs, including everything from business model to production schedule. The second of a two-part series. Comments

Web-Development Specifications: Part 1

Aug 11, 2000 - If you were reading Richard last week, you'd know that we're in the process of buying web-development services. So far, we have a goal for our site; we know what content and features to emphasize in the design; we have an inventory of all this and... Comments

Taking Inventory

Aug 4, 2000 - The first step in buying professional web development services is to take inventory of your present site. That is, define what you're trying to do and what you have to do it with. The results will give you a goal for your site and some idea of what... Comments

Buying Professional Web Development Services

Jul 28, 2000 - So, you've followed Richard's advice in his first series and built your e-commerce site with homegrown parts and prefabricated software. And it works. You're making money. But you're working a little harder to keep it going than you should be. It might... Comments

Antidote for E-Commerce Mafiosos

Jul 21, 2000 - Merchant account providers have to be the Mafiosos of the e-commerce world. They shake small businesses down as much as possible, use antiquated technology that delivers crappy performance, and basically laugh at you if you threaten to go with another... Comments

Is Search Engine Marketing Viable?

Jul 14, 2000 - When Richard wrote about promotional strategies for small business, many of you asked why he didn't talk about search engine marketing firms. Richard thinks the whole business model has a limited lifespan because the major search engines are moving... Comments

The Fine Art of Redirection

Jul 7, 2000 - Ever wonder how much traffic you're losing simply because people are clicking on outdated URLs to your site? Well, there's an easy way to find out if your hosting service gives you traffic reports listing the number of 404 errors. Richard tells you... Comments

Personalizing Your Site Offerings

Jun 30, 2000 - Have you ever thought, "Gee, wouldn't it be cool if when someone is looking at any product in my online store, I could offer a list of related products"? In fact, such personalization is not hard to achieve with use of a flat-file database that you... Comments

A Promotional Strategy That Wont Break the Bank

Jun 23, 2000 - Richard is eleven weeks into his series on building an effective, profitable e-commerce site for $6,500. He thought he might actually miss the mark, but it turns out we have $2,360 dollars left to spend on promotion. More than enough if you know how... Comments

A Traffic Analysis Solution for Small Business: Part 2

Jun 16, 2000 - Now that you know how your log files work, it's time to get into various traffic analysis techniques like Java Script and log analysis software. Richard gives you a freebies route with the works: tips, questions to determine specific data to measure... Comments

Traffic Analysis Solutions for Small Business: Part 1

Jun 9, 2000 - Traffic analysis metrics used to be pretty simple. We looked at things like how many times a page was viewed, or how many unique hosts (individual computers) accessed the site. Today, traffic analysis software can be so complex and return such voluminous... Comments

Order Tracking: Slick and Easy

Jun 2, 2000 - Ready to deliver customer orders? Then don't miss this! Prep your database and turn email into an instant business record. Comments

Email Marketing Solutions for Small Business

May 26, 2000 - You know how to manage the email coming in, but what do you do if you want to send a volume of email out to your customers? Fortunately, email marketing is white-hot right now, so there are a lot of options for a small business. Richard gives you the... Comments

Embracing the Email Demon

May 19, 2000 - Richard could never understand why companies hate talking to the public. That is, until he got his own company and found out what a time sink that is. Being online, the problem is even worse, because now you have email in the mix, coming at you day... Comments

Shopping Cart Options for Small Business

May 12, 2000 - Richard gives you the exciting, hurly-burly world of shopping cart software. What the heck is it? The shopping cart works by basically keeping track of what your customers order until they are ready to complete the order or "check out." At that point... Comments

Your Merchant Account and Puffy Director Pants Taxes

May 5, 2000 - Richard would like to tell you that setting up a merchant account and real-time credit card processing is quick and painless. But he'd be a big fat liar. You've gotta pay a "puffy director pants" tax to do business with merchant account providers because... Comments

Web Site Development Tools for Small Business

Apr 28, 2000 - We have a $6,500 budget, and last week we spent $1,200 on a hosting solution. That leaves us with $5,300 going into our next task: choosing a web site production environment. (That's just geek-talk for the tools you need to build and manage your web... Comments

A Hosting Solution for Small Business

Apr 21, 2000 - Richard identified nine essential systems a small business web site needs to have in place to do e-commerce like the big guys. Now he's going to build those systems with off-the-shelf components and within a $6,500 budget. Essential system number one... Comments

Level It Ain't

Apr 14, 2000 - Richard is here to tell you that this line you've been hearing that "...the Internet levels the playing field, allowing small businesses to compete with big ones..." is a load of crap. Successful selling online is tightly tied to technical execution... Comments

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