Project Lumos Releases E-mail Architecture

Sep 29, 2003 - The fledgling effort to stop spam through a registry moves a step forward, yet it still needs to convince ISPs. Comments

E-mail Marketers Study Calif. Legalese

Sep 29, 2003 - UPDATE: The California anti-spam law leaves e-mail marketers pondering the definition of 'direct consent.' Comments

FindWhat Enters Japan Partnership

Sep 26, 2003 - The search company links up with conglomerate Mitsui to challenge Overture and Google in the Japanese paid listings market. Comments

Google Plants Flag in Spain, Hits 150K Advertisers

Sep 25, 2003 - The search king takes on rival Overture in Spain and reveals its advertiser base has grown to an eye-popping 150,000. Comments

Hearts and Minds: AOL's Agency Problem

Sep 25, 2003 - UPDATE: The Internet service verges on turning the corner with its AOL 9.0 launch, but it still has fences to mend on the agency front. Comments

Spam Laws Easy; Enforcement Harder

Sep 24, 2003 - California adds a tough spam law, but enforcement of existing laws has proven tricky. Comments

Traditional Ad Buyers Drive Net Ad Growth

Sep 24, 2003 - New figures suggest that top advertisers like automakers are driving online advertising's growth. Comments

Yahoo! Math: Search + Shopping = Small Biz Bucks

Sep 23, 2003 - UPDATE: The mega portal launches combined e-commerce and search, while adding another service designed to lure small businesses deeper into the fold. Comments

Google, Overture Gird for Local-Search Battle

Sep 23, 2003 - Veteran search rivals Google and Overture prepare to duke it out in a new market: local search. Comments

Maven Debuts Video/Data Platform

Sep 22, 2003 - The startup signs Virgin Records and others for software that could shake up the online ad market. Comments

Coremetrics Re-brands Marketforce

Sep 22, 2003 - Online Analytics 2004 includes features designed to wring ROI from the numbers, as well as a lower price. Comments

DealTime Morphs Into

Sep 22, 2003 - The shopping search engine renames itself and girds for battle against bigger search and e-commerce companies. Comments

Storm Surges Hit Weather Sites

Sep 19, 2003 - Isabel watchers flood weather sites for storm updates, creating huge traffic surges and challenges for sites' servers. Comments Finds Skeletons in Espotting's Closet

Sep 19, 2003 - UPDATE: The search companies' merger is in limbo after learns Espotting is not really profitable. Comments

Cloudmark Tackles False-Positive Problem

Sep 18, 2003 - The anti-spam company rolls out a rating system designed to let users control their inboxes without legitimate e-mail getting tagged as spam. Comments

California Spam Bill Turns Up Heat on Advertisers

Sep 18, 2003 - The measure would give state residents the right to sue both senders and advertisers for up to $1 million in damages. Comments

Overture Enters Spain

Sep 17, 2003 - The search provider officially launches with distribution on a number of top portals, including MSN. Comments

IAR Bits and Bytes

Sep 17, 2003 - The Vendare Group buys pop-under network; gets finance tools; and Luxury Link links online with Zagat. Comments

Colleges a Gateway to Software Piracy

Sep 17, 2003 - With students downloading everything from music to software, college campuses are becoming a breeding ground for software piracy. Comments

SBC Yahoo! Joins Anti-Pop-Up Crusade

Sep 16, 2003 - The Internet service offering boasts a number of new features, including the ability to control pop-up advertisements and a service for businesses. Comments

Sun Runs Rich Media Push for Product Launch

Sep 16, 2003 - UPDATE: The rich media ads push the company's Webcast of its quarterly product launch event Comments

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