What's Your E-Mail Policy?

Jul 21, 2003 - Four reasons marketers and Webmasters must adopt a new kind of e-mail policy. Comments

What’s Your E-Mail Policy?

Jul 21, 2003 - Four reasons marketers and Webmasters must adopt a new kind of e-mail policy. Comments

Don’t Give Up! E-Mail List Rental Isn’t Dead

Jul 7, 2003 - Reports of the death of e-mail list rental have been greatly exaggerated. Comments

Who Really Controls E-Mail Delivery, Part 2

Jun 23, 2003 - Techniques to increase user confidence and delivery success. Comments

Who Really Controls E-Mail Delivery, Part 1

Jun 9, 2003 - Scrupulously follow double opt-in? Why it may not matter. Comments

Who’s Suppressing Whom?

May 12, 2003 - Is an opt-out e-mail database feasible? Comments

Will Spam Be CANned?

Apr 28, 2003 - The latest proposed anti-spam legislation: How will it affect marketers? Comments

The Unsubscribe Dilemma

Apr 14, 2003 - People are taught to report e-mail as spam and never unsubscribe. Why it’s a problem -- and ideas for solutions. Comments

Whitelists and Filters

Mar 31, 2003 - A whitelist is a badge of honor to e-mailers, a testament to their legitimacy. But the badge may be plastic, not gold. Comments

Who Will Pay to Send E-Mail?

Mar 17, 2003 - Pay money to send e-mail? Or to guarantee delivery? The models are being explored. Comments

Why You Should Worry About State Spam Laws

Mar 3, 2003 - Who manages your e-mail program -- you... or your lawyer? Comments

Is This the Year for a Federal Solution to Spam?

Feb 3, 2003 - A new legislative session brings another chance for anti-spam measures to finally become law. Will it happen this time? Comments

An Anti-Spam Startup’s First Box

Jan 2, 2003 - Out of Web development hothouse Austin, Texas, comes a startup called Net-Sieve offering anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-porn, and some sophisticated user management features in a prepackaged, admin-friendly box. Comments

Pearl of an Antispam Program

Nov 8, 2002 - ActiveState’s PeerMessage application uses probability modeling to determine whether a particular email message is or is not spam. Savvy Perl programmers like the flexible nature of this product. Comments

Publishing Your Own Newsletter: Part 10

Dec 26, 2001 - Thinking about personalizing your business newsletter? Alexis Gutzman discusses what you need to know about your subscribers and their privacy before you implement a personalized newsletter. Comments

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