Preparing For 'MicroHoo'

Jun 25, 2010 - Search marketers should start preparing now for the Yahoo/Microsoft merger. Ensure that your transition plan has these important elements. Comments

Keywords and Quality Score: Tales From the Trenches

Jun 11, 2010 - It's time to take off your SEO hat when thinking about landing pages for PPC search. Comments

SEM Is Dead - Long Live ’Find’ and ’Influence’ Marketing

May 28, 2010 - With real-time, video, social network, and shopping searches now part of the mix, marketers must expand their strategies to encompass the broader ecosystem. Comments

Retargeting: A Scam or ROI Harvester?

May 14, 2010 - Marketers can end up overpaying for retargeted inventory, all the while thinking they're getting a great deal. Here's how to avoid that trap. Comments

Google's SEM Agency Epiphany

Apr 30, 2010 - Google's new certification program and changes in API fees are good for advertisers, but Google's partner directory is in need of additional work. Comments

Attribution or Media Mix Models for Search Marketing?

Apr 16, 2010 - Should we forget attribution modeling and embrace econometric media mix models? Here's a look at which you should start focusing on. Comments

Search Engine Marketing vs. Search Marketing

Apr 2, 2010 - Shouldn't we broaden the definition of search marketing to include all forms of marketing, media, and advertising that capture consumers who have expressed search intent? Comments

Top 10 PPC Campaign Mistakes

Mar 29, 2010 - Failure to get the basics of a campaign right will reduce your Quality Score and prevent you from engaging in the level of tuning required to rev up your campaign. Comments

Alice in the Land of Missed PPC Advertising Opportunity

Mar 19, 2010 - The Internet is not a fantasy world where the rules of marketing don't apply. Online marketing and paid search play a far greater role in sales than you think. Comments

Ballmer on Search: The Vision vs. Reality

Mar 5, 2010 - Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's view on the future of Bing and getting into the search game. Comments

SEM Rock Stars: Transforming the Industry

Feb 19, 2010 - A look at the veterans of search engine marketing who served on the SEMPO board of directors and the current slate of nominees. Comments

Google's Budget Guzzling Engine

Feb 5, 2010 - Online advertisers are the gas that feeds Google's revenue engine, and in 2009 Google proved just how much of a gas guzzler it is. Comments

When Will CMO Heads Roll?

Jan 22, 2010 - Marketers can't ignore SEM and online media any longer and therefore budgets are shifting. Here are six patterns that emerge prior to large budget shifts. Comments

Mobile Search: Google's Loss Leader or Savvy Investment?

Jan 8, 2010 - A look at Google's AdMob acquisition and what it means for brand marketers experimenting with mobile advertising. Comments

Google Picks Fights in OS, Apps, and Phones: What's Next?

Dec 18, 2009 - Google's Chrome operating system is seen by many as a high risk move, but one with a potential for significant opportunity. Comments

Top 10 Campaign Optimization Checklist

Dec 11, 2009 - Here is a checklist of best practices that all search marketers should go through to make sure they aren't wasting money or missing an opportunity. Comments

Using Paid Search for Organic Optimization

Dec 4, 2009 - Paid search can play an important role in testing and improving organic search results. Here's how. Comments

The Google Wave (of Ad Releases)

Nov 20, 2009 - A look at the important Google 'wave' you should be keeping an eye on this year. Comments

Data Challenges for Small PPC Campaigns

Nov 13, 2009 - Some tips for finding statistically valid sample data at every level of your campaign. Comments

How to Get More Sales per SEM Dollar

Nov 6, 2009 - The choice is yours: get a firm handle on search marketing now, or wait till later. Which do you think will be more cost-effective? Comments

How to Replace Yahoo Paid Inclusion/Paid Placement

Oct 30, 2009 - Six approaches to moving past paid inclusion and improving your site. Comments

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