Google Radio

Jul 13, 2006 - The Internets are alight with speculation about Google radio ads, since Tim at TechToolBlog reported receiving a survey that touched on talent brokering for voice work Comments

NYT Co's IHT Debuts Dynamically-Generated Podcasts

Jul 13, 2006 - UPDATE: The company will seek advertisers to monetize the service. Comments

NHL Unveils Social Network Ambitions

Jul 12, 2006 - Continuing its efforts to jazz up the sport after a strike forced a year hiatus, the National Hockey League next season will offer an online social networking community, NHL Connect Comments

Yahoo Expands Reach to U.S. Hispanics with Search Distribution Deal

Jul 12, 2006 - The agreement is meant to complement the portal's relationship with Telemundo. Comments

World Wide Marketing

Jul 11, 2006 - The flap over the Dutch Sony billboard for the new white PSP (Joseph Jaffe has a pic ) illustrates how the Web is making all ads, not just online ads, global Comments

Zidane, All is Forgiven

Jul 11, 2006 - Not only are Adidas and Danone, Zinedine Zidane's sponsors, forgiving the French team captain for the head-butt seen 'round the world, the shoe maker is actually launching a Web site, (goes live July 15), where supporters can thank him Comments

MSN Debuts Original Interactive Baseball Reality Show

Jul 11, 2006 - "Fan Club: Reality Baseball" lets viewers call the shots for a minor-league team. Comments

Your Teriyaki?

Jul 10, 2006 - My Web surfing delivered to me a campaign by Japanese sauce maker Kikkoman that actually attracted my attention Comments

NPR Discovers Click Fraud

Jul 10, 2006 - On the way in to work this morning, I caught an NPR report titled " Click Fraud Unsettles Web Advertising Market ." So the mainstream media are finally picking up on this, due to the Outsell report that's been circulating Comments

Newspaper Gobbles Up Local Parenting Site

Jul 7, 2006 - Interesting occurence in Milwaukee this week Comments

WOM Heats Up for Global Warming Flick

Jul 7, 2006 - I just received an e-mail from a friend urging me in the strongest terms to see the new Al Gore movie "An Inconvenient Truth." To wit: "This movie really does a great job at explaining how and why global warming is happening Comments

Yup, It's Official. Google Checkout Verboten on eBay

Jul 7, 2006 - If small merchants can't use Google Checkout on eBay, will they still adopt the fledgling service (which is partially designed to reward AdWords spending)? And how much does the ban hurt (in terms of transaction fees) all by itself? EBay does a whole... Comments

The Long and Short of It

Jul 7, 2006 - Forget the :30 spot. We're now in the age of the :01 and the 2:00, and there's nothing in between. Comments

More Money into Interactive Marketing

Jul 5, 2006 - A couple of financings making news today may have some impact on the interactive marketing space Comments Builds Index in Hopes of Building Traffic

Jul 5, 2006 - The company is crawling the Web to welcome new, free, listings to its site. Comments

Chrysler Invites People to "Ask Dr. Z"

Jun 30, 2006 - Not content to let competitor Ford steal all the online limelight, Chrysler will tomorrow launch a Web site, , aimed at improving the company's image by giving it a human face Comments

TripAdvisor Promotes Itself as Web Surfers' Destination

Jun 30, 2006 - The Expedia-owned company looks to boost pageviews with a new multi-million dollar ad campaign. Comments

Praise for the Print Version

Jun 29, 2006 - When does a complaint about non-user-initiated (or not-intentionally-user-initiated) audio get interesting enough to make the virtual pages of Gawker? When the ad in question is for a certain Pfizer product much in the news of late, and the first few... Comments

Sprint Promoting Exclusive Content, Which, In Turn, Promotes Movie

Jun 29, 2006 - Sprint has wrangled comedian Will Ferrell, or at least the character he plays in an upcoming NASCAR-themed flick, to star in commercials promoting Sprint's exclusive mobile content from the movie Comments

If you're not sick of Google Checkout already...

Jun 29, 2006 - A couple of sort-of noteable things that didn't make it into our story from earlier today Comments

A Bold Move from Ford

Jun 29, 2006 - We haven't had time to weigh in on this earlier this week, but, wow, what Ford is doing with its site and video documentary is really bold Comments

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