Navigating Native Ads?

Jan 24, 2013 - The real value of native advertising is in its ability to establish a link between two brands: the publisher's and the marketer's. Comments

Beyond the Buy - 4 Twitter Ad Essentials

twitter-ap Jan 17, 2013 - Remember that Twitter is a unique marketing ecosystem; it warrants a strategy that's as distinctive as the site itself. Comments

Why Your Brand Needs to Become a Content King

coca-cola-polar-bears Jan 10, 2013 - Ads as content are nothing new, but the intensity of the relationship between branded content and consumers is about to change. Comments

3 Critical Strategies for Advertising in the New Year

brighter-life Jan 3, 2013 - Marketers need to build on existing media knowledge, to assess what's already been done, and to make it better still. Comments

Marketing the Mayan Apocalypse

jello-facebook Dec 20, 2012 - A few things to keep in mind when you're developing your next digital marketing campaign about the apocalypse (or whatever buzz-worthy event comes your way). Comments

Holiday Marketing Traditions, Old and New

elf-yourself Dec 13, 2012 - Holiday campaigns like the ones from J. Crew, Gap, and OfficeMax are a surefire way to entertain and engage consumers. Comments

Cyber Monday Secrets Revealed

patagonia Dec 6, 2012 - Nothing speaks to the next wave of digital trends like an event that puts consumer behavior on display. And few online events have more secrets to share than Cyber Monday. Comments

Your 2013 Marketing Goal - Gamification

where-in-america Nov 29, 2012 - Branded game play equates to extended brand exposure, which in turn can boost brand recall and even affinity. Comments

5 Things Auto Brands Can Teach You About Marketing Online

vw-facebook Nov 15, 2012 - You can learn a thing or two from marketing mavens like BMW and Audi, even if your own products have nothing to do with the open road. Comments

Could This Be the Perfect Banner?

werther-s-fall-favorites Nov 8, 2012 - How one brand incorporated six of the elements most critical to a functional and effective banner ad to engage its audience. Comments

3 Reasons Brands Should Market During Natural Disasters

storming Nov 1, 2012 - Brands that have access to content deemed valuable by consumers should use it to help them at times of need - and that includes during a debilitating storm. Comments

There's Nothing Scary About a Well-Executed Halloween Campaign

halloween-design Oct 26, 2012 - The scariest thing about Halloween is a campaign that doesn't perform. Comments

Enough Already! The Dangers of Overstaying Your Brand

annoyed-woman Oct 18, 2012 - How to manage your Twitter and Facebook campaigns so your consumers don't feel like they are being stalked by your brand. Comments

Think Before You Tweet and 3 More Rules of Online Etiquette

net-etiquette Oct 11, 2012 - If you can't tweet something nice, don't tweet anything at all. Comments

When Media Companies Self-Promote

self-promotion Oct 4, 2012 - Just as brand marketers can benefit from their professional expertise, so too can we glean knowledge from their efforts at self-promotion. Comments

3 Winning Election-Themed Campaigns

shutterstock-84123826 Sep 27, 2012 - Follow the lead of Maker's Mark, "Game of Thrones," and Boston Market and customize your message with current events. Comments

Get Prepped for the Holiday Shopping Season

Sep 20, 2012 - This holiday season don't forget about couch commerce, digital ads with functionality, and frugal consumers. Comments

Content Sponsorships - The Perfect Partnership

Sep 13, 2012 - If you're wondering what a perfect content sponsorship looks like, look no further than these current media buys. All three showcase advertiser-site partnerships that are compatible, prominent, and memorable. Comments

Schooled: The Best of the Fall Campaigns

rlgang Sep 6, 2012 - The back-to-school season is upon us, and as usual it brings with it two things: increased retail spending and inventive online ad campaigns. Comments

What's Next for Luxury Brands Online?

vogueluxuryonline Aug 30, 2012 - Do brands honestly expect consumers to buy when they aren't willing to put any effort into selling? Comments

What You Need to Know About Viewable Impressions

iab-mmms Aug 23, 2012 - Due to page placement, load times, and other unknown factors that compromise display ad visibility, an ad served is not necessarily an ad viewed…but viewable impressions can change that. Comments

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