The Evolution of Social Media Advertising

May 7, 2010 - As opportunities in social media advertising change, the real evolution is the way we understand messaging in this environment and the expectations we have for this channel. Comments

Modeling Irrational Human Behavior

Apr 23, 2010 - If most of the underlying models are built on the assumptions of consumers making rational decisions, we could be repeating old style marketing - just doing it more efficiently and faster. Comments

Social Media Measurement in the Real World

Apr 9, 2010 - Got approval to test a social media marketing initiative? Here's where you should invest and where to skimp on analytics. Comments

Mobile #succeed or #fail at SXSW?

Mar 25, 2010 - Are trends and experiences from SXSW any indication of how mobile will evolve in the rest of the United States? Comments

Know Your Industry Organizations

Mar 12, 2010 - What can the IAB and the 4A's do for your digital marketing campaign? Comments

Tips for Talking to Your Boss About Social Media

Feb 26, 2010 - Don't let your boss push you into adopting ill-conceived efforts for social media. Instead, take the offensive. Comments

Geo-Targeting: Old School and New School

Feb 12, 2010 - As Google emphasized this week in its Google Buzz announcement, location is an immediate and important relevance enhancer. Comments

Dear Client...

Jan 29, 2010 - Ten recommendations to get the best from your digital agency partner. Comments

Social Media -- No Casual Undertaking

Jan 15, 2010 - If you open the social media channel, you have to be ready to keep it open. Start with a plan. Comments

The Opportunity Cost of a Safe Online Strategy

Dec 30, 2009 - Like a financial portfolio, an online marketing strategy must be diversified and include some risk. Comments

Watch Out, the First Step in Marketing Is Now a Doozy

Dec 16, 2009 - The checklist for starting a digital marketing effort requires far more items than ever before. Consider these additional items. Comments

Google Is Not a Strategy

Dec 2, 2009 - If you think the content network on Google means you're reaching the Internet universe, you're mistaken. Comments

Digital Marketing Dilemmas

Nov 18, 2009 - Ten recommendations for overcoming planning obstacles in your digital approach for 2010. Comments

The Currently Mythical Unified Device

Nov 4, 2009 - What happens when we begin to consume all online content, ad impressions, or other digital influences on a single device? Comments

Interactive Marketing 101: Q&A

Oct 21, 2009 - Answers to the most common questions from clients just getting started in digital marketing. Comments

Promoting Open, Flexible, and Empowered Offices

Oct 7, 2009 - Open floor plans, shared virtual work environments are contributing to business success. Here's how. Comments

Consumer Shopping Engines: An Exercise in Frustration

Sep 23, 2009 - A wish list for the shopping engines. Comments

Retargeting: A Go-To Option?

Aug 26, 2009 - Retargeting should earn its place in your plan just like other campaign elements. Here are 11 instances when you might want to avoid it. Comments

Marketing Strategy: Time for Long-Term Thinking

Aug 12, 2009 - During the economic recession, many businesses put long-term plans for brand building on the back burner. It's time to return them to the front burner. Comments

Desperately Seeking Personal Brand

Jul 29, 2009 - Are you a passionate social media practitioner or an ego-driven pretender? Six ways to tell the difference. Comments

Finding Inspiration for Digital Marketing

Jul 15, 2009 - In search of ideas that drive results? Here are one dozen ways to help develop game-changing digital campaign ideas. Comments

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IBM: Social Analytics - The Science Behind Social Media Marketing

IBM Social Analytics: The Science Behind Social Media Marketing
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An Introduction to Marketing Attribution: Selecting the Right Model for Search, Display & Social Advertising

An Introduction to Marketing Attribution: Selecting the Right Model for Search, Display & Social Advertising
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