5 Steps to Planning and Securing Paid Search Funding

Mar 28, 2011 - Learn how to forecast and justify the optimal spend for your paid search campaign. Comments

JCPenney's SEO No-No - How You Can Avoid a Similar Fate

Mar 14, 2011 - It takes time to achieve quality, relevant links, and to sustain rankings over time. Anything that appears to be a quick win is likely going to be detrimental in the long run. Comments

Tips and Tricks for Paid Search Execution

Jan 31, 2011 - An interview with a senior SEM specialist on how to best maximize your paid search efforts. Comments

Search Retargeting

Jan 3, 2011 - What is it, how it works, where search comes in, the value, how to get started, and concerns about user privacy. Comments

Seven Steps to Building a New PPC Campaign

Dec 20, 2010 - If you are new to search or just want to tackle a new paid search campaign, here are seven steps to take. Comments

Social Ratings and Search Rankings

Dec 6, 2010 - A look at the impact online customer reviews may begin to have on websites' search rankings. Comments

The Ubiquity of Search

Nov 22, 2010 - Marketers need to think beyond Google and other search engines with their search marketing strategies, and start to look at social networking sites as search engines. Comments

Google Webmaster Tools

Nov 8, 2010 - How to get started using Google Webmaster Tools. Comments

From the Horse's Mouth

Oct 25, 2010 - A look at what Google had to say at SES Chicago 2010. Comments

Google Mobile Search Developments

Oct 11, 2010 - As more people become comfortable with searching the Web from mobile devices, marketers must adapt their strategies. Consider these developments. Comments

Instant Search

Sep 27, 2010 - Google Instant: What's changed in search? What are benefits for users and websites? And what are implications for paid and organic search marketing strategies? Comments

Searching for and Selecting a Search Marketing Partner

Sep 13, 2010 - 27 questions you need to know about your potential vendor. Comments

Do's and Don'ts for Your Search Campaigns

Aug 30, 2010 - 25 things to remember to do and not do for your PPC and SEO campaigns. Comments

Tools for Advanced PPC Management and Reporting

Aug 16, 2010 - A look at two key types of PPC analytics and managements tools - automated campaign management and Web analytics suites. Comments

Search Marketing Measurement

Aug 2, 2010 - Basic SEM analytics tools that will ensure you have a strong analytics framework in place for your search campaigns. Comments

Turning News Stories Into Search Traffic

Jul 19, 2010 - How can you benefit from spikes in search volume due to the latest popular topic? Comments

Apple and Google Face Off in Mobile Search and Beyond

Jun 10, 2010 - Apple's emphasis on interactive, dynamic advertising within apps contrasts to the mainly text versions that are a mainstay of Google's offerings. Comments

The Yahoo and Microsoft Search Alliance

Jun 7, 2010 - A look at the what the Yahoo-Microsoft alliance means for search marketing advertisers. Comments

Enhancements to Google's Ad Offerings: Ad Models

May 24, 2010 - A look at Google's new ad formats and pricing models and what they mean for marketers. Second in a two-part series. Comments

Enhancements to Google's Ad Offerings: Targeting

May 10, 2010 - Google adds interest-based advertising and remarketing to its AdWords offering and allows video targeting to be included in search or display campaigns. First in a two-part series. Comments

The Increasing Competition of the SERP

Apr 12, 2010 - The more that businesses invest in paid and organic search strategies, the hotter the competition gets. Here are ways marketers can stay ahead of their rivals. Comments

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