The Seasonality of Search... and Taxes

Apr 28, 2008 - Which sites make it to the top of organic and paid results for a seasonal business such as income tax preparation? It's not always who you think. Comments

A New, Improved Search Marketing Tool

Apr 14, 2008 - Looking for insights on searcher demographics, behaviors, and traffic patterns on yours and rivals' sites? You might try looking here. Comments

Search Engine Results, Blogs, and Credibility

Mar 31, 2008 - Can marketers ever be confident the top-ranked content served up by the search engines is really top notch? Comments

What Google SERP Changes Mean to Marketers

Mar 17, 2008 - For one, getting a ranking above the fold is now tougher. Here's why. Comments

Coordinating Organic, Paid Search Efforts

Mar 3, 2008 - Paid and unpaid search can work together in harmony to produce a well-rounded search presence. Here's how. Comments

Balancing Aesthetics, SEO in Web Site Development

Feb 4, 2008 - How to build a stellar Web site that's search-engine-friendly, functional, and visually enticing. Comments

How 2007's Key Search Trend Will Impact 2008

Jan 7, 2008 - A search marketer's role is expanding to include online PR, reputation management, and social media campaign management. Comments

Search-Engine-Friendly Content Management

Dec 10, 2007 - CMS once sabotaged SEO techniques. That's not necessarily so anymore. Comments

Tools for Competitive Search Intelligence

Nov 26, 2007 - Do you know what your rivals are doing online? Some tools can give you more insight. Comments

SEO Design and Development Best Practices

Nov 12, 2007 - Tips for striking a balance between a Web site's aesthetics and search engine appeal. Comments

Effective Keyword SEO Research, Part 2

Oct 29, 2007 - Keyword research is the cornerstone of any SEO initiative. This series walks you through the basics. Part two of two. Comments

Effective Keyword SEO Research, Part 1

Oct 15, 2007 - Keyword research is the cornerstone of any SEO initiative. This series walks you through the basics. Part one of two. Comments

Give Users (and Search Engines) What They Want

Oct 1, 2007 - Leveraging your keyword research to increase site traffic. Comments

Email Publishing Sued for Alleged Patent Infringement

Dec 14, 1998 - E-mail publisher InfoBeat in Denver, CO reportedly has filed a patentinfringement suit against rival Email Publishing in Boulder, CO. Comments

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