Workforce Challenges Ahead

Jul 30, 2004 - High-level executives express concern about whether their workforces are prepared for a more competitive business environment. Comments

Online Video Spend to Surge

Jul 29, 2004 - The rich and streaming media market is expected to undergo a nearly quadruple increase by 2009. Comments

DoubleClick Recovers From Web Attack

Jul 28, 2004 - DoubleClick is back online after suffering an attack on its servers. Comments

Viewers Watch HDTV Adoption Grow

Jul 28, 2004 - Nearly 60 million U.S. households are expected to have high-definition television sets by 2008. Comments

Active Internet Users by Country, June 2004

Jul 27, 2004 - The at-home global active Internet universe for 13 selected countries shrunk by more than 1 pecentage point to roughly 297 million users. Comments

Jupiter: Online Ad Market to Reach $16.1B

Jul 27, 2004 - The research firm will announce an expected $10 billion increaseover six years at the Jupiter/ClickZ Ad Forum in New York tomorrow. Comments

DoubleClick: Online Ads Convert Over Time

Jul 26, 2004 - A pair of reports from the ad-serving firm illustrate how onlineadvertising contributes to overall brand recognition. Comments

Strong Brand Value Among Tech Firms

Jul 23, 2004 - The value for the top 100 global brands swelled by more than 2 percent in the last year, with Apple, Amazon, Yahoo! and Samsung exhibiting the most growth. Comments

Michigan Tops in E-Gov't

Jul 23, 2004 - Led by Michigan, Washington and Virginia, a number of states have exhibited consistent progress and commitment to e-government initiatives. Comments

Microsoft Patent Encourages TV Viewers to Pay Attention

Jul 22, 2004 - Part incentive program, part game show, the patent allows broadcasters to elicit responses from viewers at the end of TV programs or commercials, thereby qualifying them for rewards. Comments

Foreign Pharmacies Attract U.S. Surfers

Jul 21, 2004 - Despite concerns about legitimacy, Internet users are searching for, visiting, and buying from foreign and rogue drugstores. Comments

Movie Downloading Spurred by Broadband

Jul 20, 2004 - Nearly one-quarter of broadband users have taken advantage of their ability to download bigger files faster. Comments

Search Activity Depleting Ad Inventory

Jul 19, 2004 - The cost-effective days of paid search may be coming to a close, as demand outpaces supply. Comments

Few Plan Network/Server Budget Increases

Jul 16, 2004 - More IT professionals are currently outsourcing or planning to outsource network operations than those who will experience an increase to their network budgets in 2005. Comments

DSL Has Record Growth Spurt

Jul 15, 2004 - After three consecutive quarters of high subscription increases, the global DSL population reaches more than 73 million. Comments

The Deadly Duo: Spam and Viruses, June 2004

Jul 12, 2004 - The volume of unsolicited e-mail inches up; Viagra is the most advertised product; and CAN-SPAM is credited with legitimizing spammers. Comments

Americans Find Graphic Images Online

Jul 9, 2004 - Cultural, gender, and economic divisions are evident among those that approve of the availability of graphic images and those that don't, as millions of Internet users actively search for the disturbing photos and videos. Comments

Searches Reflect Spectrum of Interests

Jul 7, 2004 - Pop culture terms lead the week's searches with references to war and the American political landscape mixed in. Comments

Global Mobile Population Growing

Jul 6, 2004 - The worldwide wireless market is expected to reach 2 billion users by 2007. Comments

Consumers Not Listening to VoIP Yet

Jul 2, 2004 - Internet users are becoming aware of the communication technology, but will domestic callers want to adopt it? Comments

Most Comply with IAB Pop-Up Guidelines

Jul 1, 2004 - IAB measures limiting exposures to pop-up ads have been effective, but additional guidelines may cause ad serving problems. Comments

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