Advertisers and Publishers: Clean Up Your Act!

Sep 24, 2002 - Clutter, clutter everywhere. If common sense won't compel us to reduce it, studies on clutter and ad effectiveness may do the trick. Comments

Teaching New Dogs Old Tricks

Sep 17, 2002 - Online's more mainstream, so mainstream rules apply even more. Comments

Forbes Dot-Conned

Sep 10, 2002 - Forbes is guaranteeing ad effectiveness. Is it an appealing offer or a con job? Seana takes a closer look. Comments

Reflection or Reaction?

Sep 3, 2002 - September 11: To advertise or not to advertise? Comments

Move Over Boomers, Here Come Your Kids!

Aug 27, 2002 - Nothing could match to power of Boomer market... until their (cyber)kids grew up. Comments

Fishing for Streamies

Aug 20, 2002 - Want audio and video? Want to download music to a PC, PDA, or other device? Yes? You're a 'streamie.' Comments

Drive-Through Branding

Aug 13, 2002 - Using online media to build brands quickly -- and strategically. Comments

Pop Culture

Aug 6, 2002 - Publisher poo-poos pop-ups. Smart move -- or are formats only as good as advertisers who use them? Comments

Loyalty Rules

Jul 30, 2002 - 'Not all loyal customers are profitable, and not all profitable customers are loyal,' says the Harvard Business Review. Seana has the numbers to back that up. Comments

Pleased or Peeved?

Jul 23, 2002 - Online media planning and buying may be a logistical nightmare, but we're beginning to get somewhere. Comments

Why We're Here in the First Place

Jul 16, 2002 - Desire. Passion. Longing. What do we REALLY crave? Brands. Comments

How's This for a Response?

Jul 9, 2002 - Something's got Seana steamed, and it's not the weather. She can't believe that misconceptions about interactive media stubbornly persist. Comments

Research: A Change for the Better?

Jul 2, 2002 - Now that Jupiter's fate has been resolved, will planners and buyers have better, more accurate research tools? Comments

Thirty Schmirty

Jun 25, 2002 - If the 30-second television spot is dead, can the Internet offer something more effective? Comments

Truth or Dare: The Deal With Billion-Dollar Multiplatform Deals

Jun 18, 2002 - When billion-dollar deals are being done, where is interactive? Comments

Speak Softly... and Carry a Big, Fat Pipe

Jun 11, 2002 - Hope or hype? The broad view of broadband. Comments

Boxed in by Advertising?

Jun 4, 2002 - Has the concept of 'thinking outside of the box' become mundane? Seana's excited about thinking inside the box. Literally. Comments

Out of the Mouths of... Planners, Buyers, and Salespeople

May 28, 2002 - Think the industry is maturing? Read what Seana overheard at a recent media summit. You might be shocked. Worse, you might recognize your own agency. Comments

Merger Mania

May 21, 2002 - Seana shares grumbling, head scratching, and cynicism from the iMedia Summit. What impact will the Unicast/Enliven merger have on the rich media space? Comments

Seniority On The Web: The Fastest Growing Online Population

May 14, 2002 - It ain't your Grandma's Internet! Online seniors are dynamic, affluent and as a group, growing much faster than you think. Comments

What's All the Talk About Blogging?

May 7, 2002 - ...and what's so sacrilegious about advertising on blogs, anyway? Comments

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