Digital or Die

Sep 26, 2008 - Will media and advertising undergo a Wall Street meltdown before people start to change? Comments

What's eBay Filming in NYC?

Sep 22, 2008 - So all of a sudden, my West 55th Street block in NYC is lined with those dreaded "no parking due to film shoot" signs attached to every available lamppost Comments

iTV Elite Meet

Sep 18, 2008 - Mitch Oscar , who knows more about iTV than practically anyone else, recently moved from Carat to MPG Comments

Smith Barney's Brand Goes 404

Sep 18, 2008 - As one Wall Street behemouth after another topples like so many houses of cards, consumer confidence in large financial institutions is shaken -- if not utterly shattered. And today, a 404 error page from Comments Redesign Triples Article Ad Inventory

Sep 15, 2008 - At Ogilvy's powwow for their IBM clients today, General Manager Daniel Bernard stopped by to show off a sneak peak at the eagerly-anticipated site redesign, slated to launch tomorrow. It's loaded with new features, including community functionalities... Comments

Marketers as Publishers

Sep 12, 2008 - If you're a marketer, you're also a publisher. It's high time you leverage the myriad of digital content opportunities. Comments

First Seinfeld/Gates Microsoft Spot

Sep 5, 2008 - The first of Crispin, Porter's highly anticipated spots is about ... Comments

Indispensible (Free) Tool for Media Buyers, Sellers and Planners

Sep 4, 2008 - Do you buy, sell, or plan media? Then you owe it to yourself to download the incredibly nifty Swiss Army knife of calculators the Laredo Group is giving away...for free. It slices Comments

Dot-Mobi, We Hardly Knew Ye

Aug 29, 2008 - Four ways to optimize sites for the changing mobile Web, and mobile search, too. Comments

But Seinfeld Had ALL the Macs!

Aug 21, 2008 - Microsoft has enlisted Jerry Seinfeld to star in a new series of ads targeting Apple's hyper-successful "Get A Mac" campaign? But...Seinfeld's a hardcore Mac user Comments

The Gods of Olympus

Aug 15, 2008 - Why NBC's online Olympics policy is wrong for viewers. And for advertisers. Comments

ShopWiki Focuses on Storefront Deals & Global Expansion

Aug 13, 2008 - ShopWiki may be the best shopping search engine you don't know about Comments

Click Fraud As A Career?

Aug 5, 2008 - Stumbled upon this salary benchmark information on No mention of benefits, but $93K to click? Not bloody likely. Sounds like click fraud perpetrators are scamming the clickers as much as they are search engines and their advertisers. Comments

Brand-on-Brand Advertising

Aug 1, 2008 - Brand advertising. It works better on branded content. Comments

Make Mobile Useful

Jul 28, 2008 - When was the last time you had a good experience at airport security? I know, I know Comments

Absolut Behind Miracle Anti-Michael Jackson Drug Viral

Jul 25, 2008 - Ever seen a spoof ad on the NYC subway? No? That's what I thought. Which is why my mind got bent six ways when I noticed BeKANYE yesterday on the downtown R train Comments

Mobile Demos Skew Older and Older

Jul 21, 2008 - The most interesting thing about the IAB's mobile forum this week? It's not just about the kids any more. In case study after case study, advertiser and marketers spent the day demonstrating how, well.... old mobile advertising demos are becoming Comments

Inactive E-mail List: Mail or Don't Mail?

Jul 18, 2008 - What's the shelf life of an e-mail list? Comments

A Moment of IAB Appreciation

Jul 17, 2008 - On this, a heat-index alert day, IAB head Randall Rothenberg's blog (or "clog," as he insists on calling it), is a breath of fresh air Comments

Wacky (or Wonky) Ad for "The Wackness"

Jul 4, 2008 - Can't figure out whether this is an ad serving problem, or an issue with Firefox 3.0 Comments

Redrum Returns!

Jul 1, 2008 - Y'all have been asking for it, but it just didn't seem right to throw another Redrum Tuesday with co-foundress Dana Todd in Left Coast exile. Problem solved Comments

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