Leveraging Your Confirmation Emails

Oct 31, 2001 - Too many marketers are overlooking the opportunity to send messages to customers when they’re actually waiting to hear from you -- in confirmation emails. Debbie has some suggestions for getting more mileage out of messages you’re already sending anyway. Comments

AIDA Plus the Five Ws

Oct 17, 2001 - How can we create better B2B email? Let's go back to basics and review the fundamentals of good writing. We'll use two frameworks: AIDA and the five Ws. Comments

It's Back to Messaging As Usual... Or Is It?

Oct 3, 2001 - In the past few weeks, email marketers and e-newsletters have struggled to find their authentic voices as the concept of appropriate content has shifted. Here are some ideas on how to handle the new climate. Comments

Email Has a Purpose: To Connect Us

Sep 19, 2001 - It was a surreal morning that made email marketing and e-newsletters seem at best irrelevant and at worst obscenely trivial. Still, with the phone lines incessantly busy, email and the Web turned out to be enormously comforting. Comments

Rich-Media Email Baby Steps

Sep 5, 2001 - Much is being said about the promise of rich-email marketing, but the few practitioners thus far appear to be big companies with big budgets. If you’re not in that category, here are a few observations and a few tips on the next new thing in email... Comments

To Blog or Not to Blog... That's a Good Question

Aug 22, 2001 - Every B2B email marketer is struggling to pierce through the clutter of inboxes by sending relevant, targeted, personalized messages. And, let's admit it, dropping CTRs and open rates prove that we're finding it difficult to do so. What to do? Comments

White Papers: B2B Email Marketing's Best Friend

Aug 8, 2001 - White papers may be your last, best chance to get the click- throughs you want in B2B email marketing, as it's being practiced today. By using them, you can also capture essential company and contact information, which can result in successful lead... Comments

Anatomy of an E-Newsletter Launch

Jul 25, 2001 - After talking the talk, it was time for Debbie to walk the walk and launch a newsletter. And when it’s your dollar you’re spending, every bump in the road looks bigger, every mistake seems magnified. What pitfalls did she encounter? And what did she... Comments

Summer Reading List

Jul 11, 2001 - Aside from this column, where do you get your information about B2B email marketing? Debbie shares her summer reading list, including a handful of e-newsletters, Web sites, and a couple of books focused on B2B direct marketing. Comments

Top Five Tips for Killer E-Newsletter Content

Jun 27, 2001 - Do you want killer content? Well, if you want killer content (it’s OK to repeat yourself), here’s a tip: You have to package it cleverly. The competition may also teach you a tip or two -- like you can’t beat great copy. Then just keep planning and... Comments

HTML Newsletters: Content's the Thing

Jun 20, 2001 - If your e-newsletter isn't consistently engaging, relevant, and so useful that your readers want to print it out or pass it on to their colleagues, you're not likely to achieve the business objectives you've set. Comments

E-Newsletters: A No-Brainer

Jun 13, 2001 - Fancy (and expensive) technology isn't always the answer, especially these days. The challenge now is use the Internet and the Web to save or make money -- the two fundamental business objectives. Comments

Email Bloopers

Jun 6, 2001 - Using email for prospecting and customer acquisition is more difficult than ever. With the volume of messages increasing at an unprecedented rate, you've got stiff competition for the reader's attention. What's the solution? Debbie will tell you (after... Comments

Old Meets New: Direct Marketing Days Are Here Again

May 30, 2001 - When it comes to email, a lot of direct marketers get it. They're excited about it, they understand that it's just another channel for one-to-one direct-response marketing, and they're moving quickly to cash in on the higher response rates and lower... Comments

Today's Forecast: A Bright Tomorrow

May 23, 2001 - Do you believe in the future of email marketing? If faith and intuition aren't enough, there's data out there for you to pore through. Either way, the future looks bright. Comments

Autoresponders Can Boost Efficiency and Effectiveness

May 16, 2001 - Usually it's the little guys who steal from the big players. But Debbie's here to tell you how the big guys can learn a thing or two about a low-cost, under-the-radar technique. Comments

E-Newsletters: A Smart Choice Now

May 9, 2001 - One of the best ways to spend your email marketing dollars right now is to place a sponsorship text ad in a targeted e-newsletter. Here’s how to get the most bang for your buck. Comments

Vendor Options for a Retention Campaign

May 2, 2001 - No matter what you've heard about the "killer app," it's the sustained, high-quality execution of an email program that will get you results. Step one? Search your email soul. The answers you find might be the key to a killer campaign. Comments

Using Outsourcers for Your Acquisition Campaign

Apr 18, 2001 - Permission email marketing comes in two distinct flavors: acquisition and retention. When you're talking outsourcers, you're talking two distinct sets of players. Here's who you might want to bring to the table for your acquisition campaign. (Plus... Comments

Getting a B2B Campaign Off the Ground

Apr 4, 2001 - Running a B2B email campaign is a big production. The time from email to sale is long and the process complex, requiring the input and integration of many players. Debbie looks at who does what in delivering a winning B2B campaign. Plus: More on email... Comments

When Email Addresses Go Bad

Mar 28, 2001 - Undeliverables. Bounce-backs. Whatever you call them, out-of-date or incorrect email addresses are one of the biggest challenges facing email marketers. What's a B2B email marketer to do? Here are a few companies that might provide an answer. Comments

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