Unimaginable -- Yet True

Nov 30, 2001 - 2002's to-do list: the online media buying issues that need to be fixed in the new year. Comments

How Sites Can Sell All Their Inventory

Nov 16, 2001 - Can Web inventory be sold like broadcast media, using the pre-empt approach? Tig thinks pre-empting could lower prices for advertisers and earn sites more money. Is anyone out there brave enough to try it? Comments

Why Online Media Should Sell for Less than a Buck. And Why It Doesn't.

Nov 9, 2001 - When the cost of online advertising dramatically undercuts traditional media costs, marketing dollars will flow online. Tig continues his examination of the cost of online media -- and points an accusing finger at the ad servers. Comments


Nov 2, 2001 - Forget thousands... think millions! After all, monthly impressions are in the billions. Could this be the solution that unites buyers and sellers -- and rids us of excess inventory? Comments

The U.S. Branding Objective

Oct 26, 2001 - If you think your marketing job is tough, consider the battle ahead for the United States as it tries to get its message across in the Middle East. Comments

Countering Viral Marketing

Oct 19, 2001 - It's time to mobilize the marketing troops and put our talents to work in support of the fight against terrorism. Comments

Rounding Up the Budget Rustlers

Oct 12, 2001 - Internal squabbling in the client company often makes for big problems in a marketing effort. Rather than dueling at high noon, smoke a peace pipe with other departments in your company. Comments

Zapping the Ad Zappers

Oct 5, 2001 - If I were forced, "Clockwork Orange"-style, to view an ad despite a stated intent to avoid it, I would seethe with rage -- and focus my anger on the brand. That's exactly what MediaBEAM, a German company, is about to learn. Comments

Recession Media Buying

Sep 28, 2001 - Today's decreasing ad budgets, shrinking agencies, and bankrupted media vendors add specific tasks to our responsibilities as we fulfill the role of diligent media buyers. Here are some strategies for these trying times. Comments

The Client Approval Meeting

Sep 21, 2001 - Much of a media buyer's work focuses on preparing for the next approval meeting, each of which tends to have its unique dynamics. The smart marketer would do well to pay close attention to, and understand, those dynamics. Comments

Most Media Failed in the Disaster

Sep 14, 2001 - Those having to do with media need to realize that we play an important role. For better or worse, we are the interface between terror and the public. This time, we didn't do well. Comments

Something Stinks When Media Sellers Go Directly to Clients

Sep 7, 2001 - When sellers start calling a company that has an agency, the marketing people have to ask themselves, "Is this because our agency is failing or because the selling community believes we've become suckers?" Comments

Gator Attack? The Best Defense Is to Join the Anti-Microsoft Offense

Aug 31, 2001 - Threatened with irrelevance, online ad companies are rightly concerned about the new Gator technology. After all, Gator provides some useful services, including replacing site advertising with its own... Yikes! But the real enemy isn't Gator. Comments

Branding Gone Bad

Aug 24, 2001 - Advertising -- particularly online -- is powerful stuff. It's sort of like firearms and clay targets. Treat high-budget ad spending like you would a loaded gun. It can be great for hitting a target, but make sure you don't have it pointed at your foot... Comments

Defining Differences: Marketing, Advertising, Branding (Part 2)

Aug 17, 2001 - Last week, Tig's article stopped in the middle of the budgeting discussion. This week, he continues with that topic and then concludes this two-part series with a discussion of online media vendors. Comments

Defining Differences: Marketing, Advertising, Branding (Part 1)

Aug 10, 2001 - It's a human trait: We tend to represent ourselves as doing something a little bit special, even if we're doing the same old thing that everyone else is doing. It's this human foible that has caused so much confusion in our industry. Comments

Containing Lawyers

Aug 3, 2001 - Most people who've been in advertising for just a few years can tell stories about entire creative concepts getting nixed, campaigns getting delayed, and even media deals getting broken asunder. The culprits? Overzealous lawyers. Comments

Are You Reading the Trade Press Correctly? Some Say No

Jul 27, 2001 - Walter Cronkite's "How to Read a Newspaper" gave some insightful advice about how to get the most out of reading the press. But much has changed with the advent of a competitive trade press and the slashing and burning of editorial departments. It... Comments

Caught Red-Handed -- Illegal Search?

Jul 20, 2001 - Late last year, few search engines were offering pay-for-placement listings. They were the exception. Nowadays, more and more search engines are adopting the practice. The exception is becoming the rule. But not if Nader has anything to say about it. Comments

Name That Show

Jul 13, 2001 - On TV, as you flip through the channels, you can pretty much guess what shows are on by seeing what commercials are airing. It's easy -- you can judge based on the demographics the ads are trying to reach. Why can't you do that on the Web? Comments

A Case Study: 'Tactical Guide to Online Marketing'

Jul 6, 2001 - All along, you've been helping Tig write a book. Now he wants to get more mileage out of it by making it a case study. But the good thing is that the readers get something out of it as well, because Tig shares some of what he's learned about what types... Comments

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