Bigger and Better as the Industry Matures

Mar 7, 2001 - It's clear that the newly approved IAB standards are timely and should satisfy demands for a while. As the industry matures, it continues to create new opportunities and creative approaches. Comments

Pitching Creative Versus Returns

Feb 28, 2001 - Web advertising has changed dramatically over the past year. Interactive agencies are servicing far fewer dot-com clients and have shifted toward traditional advertisers. This requires a change in pitching new business. Comments

Balance Direct Response Campaigns With Branding

Feb 21, 2001 - Strategically placed search engine text links may get better results than creative ad placements in the short term, but there's no branding. Adam tells you why you need some creative components in your ad placements. Comments

A New Role for Media Buyers

Feb 7, 2001 - Some surprises you just don't need -- nor does your client. With publishers going bankrupt on a regular basis, take a look at a site's financial stability before committing to a buy. Comments

Agency Conflicts of Interest

Jan 31, 2001 - Positioned between the media andtechnology suppliers on the one hand and the spenders on the other, an ad agency is like a middleman, aware of the motives and objectives on both sides. Adam reveals potential conflict-of-interest scenarios. Comments

Bully for the Super Bowl?

Jan 24, 2001 - The year doesn't quite feel over till the Super Bowl takes place. Fans yelling encouragement! Players celebrating touchdowns! Dot-coms blowing money out the wazoo! Or maybe 2001's spectacle will be different? Comments

It's 2001: Resolve to Measure Everything

Jan 10, 2001 - In a year when accountability has made a comeback, there's no time like the present to start measuring. If you don't, you won't know if you measure up. Or you'll learn the hard way. It's 2001 -- do you know where your numbers are? Comments

Viral Marketing With Incentives

Jan 3, 2001 - We all understand the value of an incentive program in driving sales or other conversions. And we know how well viral marketing works online. Want to make a campaign rock? Give your incentive-based marketing efforts a viral twist. Comments

Advertising for Low-Commitment Conversions

Dec 13, 2000 - Every advertiser has an ultimate conversion goal. But different conversions require different levels of commitment. After all, few would buy a big-ticket item as casually as they'd buy a CD. Say you're seeking low- commitment conversions -- what tactics... Comments

Where Are Your Ads Running?

Dec 6, 2000 - Imagine you go into a department store to buy a sweater. You're told you can buy one at 30 percent off, but you can't see it or try it on. That's a tough sell! Yet this is much like the deals some networks offer. Comments

The Economics of Online Media Pricing

Nov 29, 2000 - In the offline world, audience demographics drive media-buying decisions. But online, pricing usually trumps other considerations. What gives? Simple: It's a question of supply and demand. Comments

Search Results: More Valuable Than Ad Placements?

Nov 22, 2000 - As unglamorous as search traffic may be from a creative perspective, paid links (especially performance based) continue to offer more options to advertisers for bringing quality traffic to their sites. What's the value for end users? Comments

Try Buy Cycling to Maximize Reach

Nov 15, 2000 - Dot-com start-ups generally don't have the time to wait for a deal to turn around; they need to show results right away. Consider employing a buy cycling strategy to help maximize an advertiser's reach and acquisition. Comments

The Benefits of Geotargeting

Nov 1, 2000 - An ad designed to appeal to Texans probably wouldn't appeal to Thais, even apart from the language barrier. As Internet usage expands worldwide, geotargeting offers advertisers a way to respond to cultural differences. Comments

Maximize a Site Before the Media Blitz

Oct 25, 2000 - Everything's ready. The financing's long been in place. The technology, supplier relationships, and distribution channels are set up. The media strategy's laid out. The site is launching tomorrow, and so is the media blitz. Sound like a plan? Not so... Comments

Evolution in Action, Internet-Style

Oct 18, 2000 - It's been an exciting year. Almost too much so! We've seen a lot of Internet start-upscrash and burn. Investment money is drying up. And sites are realizing that if they want to survive, they've got to diversify their revenue models. Adam takes a look... Comments

Dealing With Underdelivery

Oct 11, 2000 - Mistakes happen. No surprise there. But when they happen to your client in the form of underdeliveries during a crucial make-or-break time period, they're hard to fix. So what steps can media planners take when a campaign's been poorly delivered? Adam... Comments

Online Arbitrage

Sep 27, 2000 - Adam wrote about pay-per-performance (PPP) online advertising last week and got a lot of flack from publishers and traditional advertisers disapproving of this buying strategy. He takes the issue one step further by pointing out the drawbacks ofbuying... Comments

The Three P's of Online Advertising

Sep 20, 2000 - Remember the four P's from Marketing 101? If you're a marketing professional making the transition to the dot-com world, you're probably beginning to learn on your own that the rules are a little different. Now that advertisers have such short time... Comments

There's No Traffic Like Search Traffic

Sep 13, 2000 - Adam sees a huge benefit for advertisers who use to reach their buyers because they pay top dollar to be listed high up in the search engine. The loser, however, may be the end user looking for free information. Comments

Beware the Dot-Com Tollbooth

Sep 6, 2000 - When planning an online ad campaign and shopping for media buys, every media planner has questions to ask publishers. They typically concern web site traffic, cost, pricing models, available inventory, and user demographics. Finding the right match... Comments

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