One-to-One Radio

Feb 7, 2001 - iM Networks gives you the convenience of Internet radio on your stereo. Its huge opt-in base gives media buyers very targeted buys on ads that are interactive and sequential. Comments

The Ebb and Flow of Life and Rich Media

Jan 31, 2001 - This week dealt a serious blow to Enliven, one of the pioneers of online advertising. At the same time, we've witnessed the birth of an exciting new online advertising unit by CNET. Comments

Introducing the MFAA and the Macromedia Tracking Kit

Jan 24, 2001 - What are the MFAA and the Macromedia Tracking Kit? If you don't know, it's time to get acquainted. Bill extends them a warm welcome and explains how the deployment of Flash- based ads just got easier for the rich media and Internet industries. Comments

Where Did All the Bots Go?

Jan 17, 2001 - Bots... those handy apps that were supposed to make searching and shopping easier. At one time it looked like they were going to take over the online world. So what happened? Comments

Internet Advertising Today: What the Numbers Say

Jan 10, 2001 - What's behind the recent dot-com layoffs? Softening ad revenue's been fingered as the culprit. But is Internet advertising really in such a sorry state? Bill decided to see what the numbers have to say. Comments

A Rich Media Resolution for the New Year

Jan 3, 2001 - Forrester predicts that 2001 is going to be the year for rich media. So there's a lot of opportunity out there for rich media companies. But before they grab for the brass ring, they'd better ask themselves one crucial question. Comments

A Cautionary Tale

Dec 27, 2000 - Just in time for the New Year, Bill's got a cautionary tale from the old. Comments

The Rich Media Year in Review

Dec 20, 2000 - Bill revisits the rich media world over the last year and reminisces. What's interesting is the stability of the rich media industry. Most traditional players are still around, and a lot more have entered the arena. Comments

Making the Rich Media Rounds- In 3D

Dec 13, 2000 - Who says you need fancy office space to produce great rich media technology? If the web had gone the way it was supposed to go, we'd be looking at content in 3D. Comments

The Secret to Rich Media Success: Put Marketing First

Dec 6, 2000 - Marketing counts -- bigtime. And you can see it in the success stories of those companies that do it right and notice its absence in those that don't. Comments

A Rich Media Great Comes Through

Nov 29, 2000 - You ever see "The Natural"? After some tough times, the good guy comes through with a homerun that knocks out the stadium lights. Such is the tale of rich media great Enliven. Comments

The Wonder of Rich Media

Nov 22, 2000 - Bill gives a rundown of three new rich media technologies from this year's New York @d:tech: EyeWonder, TrafficMac, and CyberExtruder. Comments

Lowering the Rich Media Hurdles

Nov 15, 2000 - Publisher acceptance is the biggest hurdle facing rich media today. But some companies are trying to make things work for those wanting to use rich media, knowing it can be done easily and effectively. Comments

The MetaNet: User-Centric Relationships

Nov 8, 2000 - The use of client-side software, or the "MetaNet," represents a fundamental shift from publisher-centric relationship models toward user-centric ones. This tool lets users define their individual content space, then content and relevant offers come... Comments

Four Worlds of 3D at Internet World

Nov 1, 2000 - At least four vendors at Internet World displayed various forms of 3D technology. Bill describes the new angle to 3D technology from Cryonetworks, Active Worlds, Pulse Entertainment, and RichFX. Comments

Rich Media to the Rescue

Oct 25, 2000 - Those of us evangelizing rich media since the days when the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) didn't even acknowledge its existence are now in a position to say "I told youso." Yahoo! has never been big on technology vendors, yet Yahoo! CEO Tim Koogle... Comments

Rich Media Predictions: Part 2

Oct 18, 2000 - Bill once again dons his Nostradamus hat to finish up his rich media predictions for 2001. Needless to say, he's bullish on broadband, hot on cable modems, and he thinks the killer app driving broadband adoption will be Internet radio rather than TV... Comments

Rich Media Predictions: Part I

Oct 11, 2000 - Bill is less a futurist than a right-around-the-corner-ist, but he decided to test his predictive mettle and take a look into the rich media future. See the acquisitions, breakouts, and breakthroughs he sees (and doesn't see) in the near future. Comments

Enhancing E-Commerce With Sound

Oct 4, 2000 - Audiobase hopes to solve the problem of conversion on e-commerce sites by telling consumers what to do when they're confused. Research says 39 percent of online shoppers are thwarted from making a purchase because they're confused over mundane things... Comments

Proprietary Versus Open Standards

Sep 27, 2000 - Commenting on last week's article about Onflow, an intrepid reader bemoaned: "Not another proprietary plug-in! What we need are standards like SVG, not more proprietary plug-ins." So what's wrong with standards? Bill believes it was actually the religious... Comments

Create Your Own Rich Media

Sep 20, 2000 - Let's wax nostalgic for a moment. Ever heard of Xaos Tools? It created some of the most innovative high-end graphics tools back in the early '90s. The company has reinvented itself for the Internet era as Onflow, providing rich media web-based tools... Comments

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