The Three Graces of Rich Media

Sep 13, 2000 - Bill has quit his day job and would like to honor this change in his life by dedicating this week's column to the history of the term "rich media" and to pay homage to three women, without whom, in his opinion, the rich media industry would not exist as we know it today. Comments

More Broadband: Free Phones

Sep 7, 2000 - Bill really hasn't left his computer since he installed his cable modem connection a couple of weeks ago. Why bother? He gets National Public Radio through his Sonicbox Internet radio device. CDs? Downloads 'em from Napster. Instead of watching TV... Comments

Rich Media: Get Comfortable Now

Aug 31, 2000 - The Rich Media Advertising Forum in San Francisco covered the advantages of rich media, as well as a few obstacles like site acceptance, media buyers' lack of comfort with the technology, and tracking problems. Thirty percent of all online ads will... Comments

Breaking Out With Broadband

Aug 24, 2000 - Bill had his own personal, rich media epiphany this week. For the first time, he was able to walk into his local Wiz at the local strip mall and purchase a cable modem for $100. In less than an hour, without anyone having to come to his house (hear... Comments

Rich Media Is Alive and Well

Aug 17, 2000 - Bill questioned if rich media was still alive last week, but what was he thinking? It's amazing how many people are suddenly stepping into this space, judging by all the new companies demonstrating at Jupiter for the first time. Some new players include... Comments

Rich Media: Doing It for the Right Reason

Aug 10, 2000 - Rich Media is undergoing a bit of transmogrification. People are backing away from the term. Newer players have latched on to it. New technologies pick up the rich media banner, hoping to position themselves. Some technologies are created using a faulty... Comments

3D: Closer to Web Reality

Aug 3, 2000 - The use of 3D on the web remains compelling, but there have always been a number of issues holding back widespread adoption. Like lack of a widely distributed browser, incompatibility problems, bandwidth issues, and lack of tools, to name a few. That... Comments

Who's Carrying the 3D Torch?

Jul 27, 2000 - The computer graphics industry's annual Siggraph convention is the leading showcase of the year's best computer animation (particularly 3D animation). Bill reviews some of web's latest 3D technologies. The awful truth is that 3D has never taken off... Comments

Tattooing the Wireless Space

Jul 20, 2000 - This week in San Francisco, the Rich Media SIG starts a series of seminars on developing advertising and marketing campaigns for wireless devices. Representatives from, Beyond Interactive, Freestyle Interactive, and Targetnet will talk about... Comments

Rich Media in Canada

Jul 13, 2000 - Rich Media Canada was launched in Toronto with a crowd of about 350 people in attendance. Bill gives us a report on the progress of rich media in Canada. Unlike U.S. dot-com CEOs for whom the current Internet stock bust is an aberration, these players... Comments

The Personal Rich Media Experience

Jul 6, 2000 - Bill sees a general industry trend that moves away from a publisher-centric mode of interaction (the old broadcast model) to a more diverse, person-centric mode, where users, not publishers, are defining the experience, and each experience is unique... Comments

Avoiding Rich Media Crash-and-Burn

Jun 29, 2000 - Remember Evel Knievel and his famous leap across Snake River Canyon? Well, a lot of rich media companies have been floating in rarified air lately, aiming for the opposite cliff, only to realize that the other side of the chasm is a lot farther off... Comments

The Danger of Hype

Jun 22, 2000 - Bills back and here to tell us about the dangers of overhyping a market segment before its time. The target of his angst? Broadband. The broadband bandwagon is heating up, fueled by the impending merger between AOL and Time Warner. The problem? Broadband... Comments

Lowering the Rich Media Hurdles

Apr 27, 2000 - Bill thinks publishers look on advertisers and agencies as some kind of necessary evil. Somebody in the company has to deal with these cretins, but you certainly don't have to work with them: "We don't take Java. Forget streaming. Flash! I'm not going... Comments

HotMedia: Ready for Hot Times?

Apr 20, 2000 - HotMedia represents IBM's foray into the rich media Internet space. Not having heard much about HotMedia after the initial buzz, Bill decided to check with the Big Blueness to see what's up. Seems IBM's been keeping HotMedia low-profile to get it right... Comments

Netscape 6.0: Threat to Rich Media?

Apr 13, 2000 - A possible threat to the rich media community was delivered this week as Netscape released the preview version of Netscape 6.0. Netscape does not include Java support in its default or "typical" download. If you're like most people who automatically... Comments

Is Rich Media Too Rich?

Apr 6, 2000 - What's going on in the rich media wireless space? There are some distant rumblings. Promises made, demos kludged together and so forth. But the rich media express seems to have hit a bump in the road. That's what Owen Davis thinks. And he should know... Comments

Rich Media Spring Cleaning

Mar 30, 2000 - Bill does rich media spring cleaning, digging out and dusting off all sorts of rich media bits and pieces. He tells us about Shout Interactive's new technology, which has been very successful in two major destination-based site promotions during the... Comments

Rich Media Down Under

Mar 23, 2000 - Bill just got back from Sydney, where he spoke at Adforum 2000, Australia's yearly Internet conference. Rich media is becoming a movement Down Under, but Australians face major roadblocks before high-speed broadband video and audio streaming become... Comments

The Rise and Fall of VRML: Part 2

Mar 16, 2000 - More than any other web technology, VRML represented the ideal of the non-proprietary open standards movement. Ironically, it was this adherence to open standards that caused VRML's eventual destruction. Although the VRML specification was sacrosanct... Comments

The Rise and Fall of VRML: Part 1

Mar 9, 2000 - The Internet is filled with monumental success stories. But one of its most intriguing tales concerns not success, but one of the most expensive and colossal failures we've ever seen. The story of the rise and fall of a rich media technology known... Comments

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