Reaching the Wired and the Restless

Feb 19, 2001 - Click here to get this. Submit there to get that. Gimme something NOW. Many Web users expect instant gratification and have short attention spans. So how do you get your message through? Comments

CRM: Creating Relationships on the Fly

Feb 12, 2001 - Those who make the best use of their customer data NOW will be the standouts of the future. Don't let a weak CRM strategy leave you behind. Comments

Waking the Email Dead

Feb 5, 2001 - They look like us, talk like us, sign up for email newsletters like us. They live among us but we can't see them. They are the email dead. What can an email marketer do to bring them back to life? Comments

Calculating the Carrot

Jan 29, 2001 - Reaching people through opt-in email promotions is getting tougher. Here's one basic method to determine your incentive and campaign budget overall. Comments

Back to Basics 2001

Jan 22, 2001 - With all of the hubbub in our daily work lives, we sometimes lose sight of the core basics critical to our success. Here are five solid standbys for email marketing success. Comments

Let Your Creative Juices Flow

Jan 15, 2001 - One thing that's sure to make an email message stand out is groundbreaking, eye-popping creative. Kim tells you how to propel your thinking into creative nirvana. Comments

Wish List for 2001

Jan 8, 2001 - We'd all like to get rid of spammers and stale lists, but there are other items we'd like to see implemented to benefit all email marketers. Here's Kim's wish list for stronger clicks and conversions. Comments

It's CPA Time... or Is It?

Jan 1, 2001 - CPA deals might be fun for a while, but find out why Kim thinks they could spell the ultimate death of acquisitions email marketing. Comments

'Twas an Email-less Christmas

Dec 25, 2000 - Or was it? Kim reflects on the past year in email marketing and all that has changed, comparing then to now in click-through rates, HTML mailings, subject lines, and more. Comments

DM and EM: A Comparison

Dec 18, 2000 - Email marketing uses and is enhanced by a good number of traditional DM principles and practices, but there are subtle differences. Kim recaps the similarities and differences between the two media. Comments

Calling All Dropouts

Dec 11, 2000 - The art of acquiring customers and leads through email is notalways the easiest thing to do. Acquisitions success boils down to two key items: the offer and the lists. And how you plan and/or manage each. Comments

Reviving a Once-Winning Campaign

Dec 4, 2000 - Testing is the mantra of the email marketing world, and there are so many variables to be tested. Here's an element that hasn't received much attention, yet can help lift response: your email format. Comments

How Do You Measure Success?

Nov 27, 2000 - Is 10 percent click-through from a large email promotion cause for celebration? Maybe not. Kim tells you why it’s important to define your campaign bottom-line goals at the outset for the best measure of success. Comments

ClickZ B2C Email Strategies: Its a Wrap

Nov 20, 2000 - Highlights of last week's B2C Email Strategies conference in Long Beach, California: consumer email marketing case studies and the latest industry statistics; sizzling roundtable panel discussions and dynamic audience interaction; gala awards-dinner... Comments

'Tis the Season

Nov 13, 2000 - The holidays can present opportunities for email marketers to get a boost in their response rates due to seasonality conditions. Or not. Kim tells you exactly what seasonality is and how it affects your email promotions. Comments

Features That Click

Nov 6, 2000 - Kim has a "Cool Promos" folder in her email program. She's a harsh critic of promotional emails and doesn't save many. Here are the features that click, making it into Kim's folder. Do this yourself, and learn from the best. Comments

What a Difference a Year Makes

Oct 30, 2000 - This week marks an anniversary: One year ago, ClickZ launched this Email Marketing column. At the time, the industry was growing like gangbusters, but it hadn't exploded yet, at least not to the level it has reached over the last several months. Not... Comments

The Future Dream World of Email Merge and Purge

Oct 23, 2000 - You've got a terrific lead generation offer, a great message and great creative, and the perfect target audience. You've got all your ducks in a row, right? Not so fast! Your list plan has more than 20 different opt-in email lists, each containing... Comments

Making the Most of Sponsorships

Oct 16, 2000 - Email sponsorship opportunities have increased dramatically over the last year - and new ones are arising every day. Publishers like them for the steady revenue stream they can provide. And marketers like them because they're a great way to get the... Comments

Questions for a Broker to Love

Oct 9, 2000 - The task of finding the right opt-in email list can be like looking for a needle in a haystack - it ain't always easy. A good broker can make a world of difference as you sift through the masses of email lists available today. Kim tells you what questions... Comments

The Art of Email Design

Oct 2, 2000 - Those who deploy HTML campaigns on a regular basis already know how to create designed messages for quick and easy downloading. You know that the overall file size has to remain small, calling for tight graphics and a clean design. But how can you... Comments

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