Extra! Extra! Online Advertising Actually Has Impact

Jul 24, 2001 - Several pieces of recently released research show that online advertising can indeed have a significant impact on traditional branding metrics. The bottom line: Yes, Virginia, online advertising does work like advertising. Comments

Bridging the Gap: Hybrid Pricing Models

Jul 17, 2001 - Our job as buyers and sellers is to make the case to those spending money that their advertising is accomplishing goals beyond impulse responses. But many clients still look at online advertising as a direct-marketing tool. How about something in-between... Comments

Old Tricks for New Dogs

Jul 10, 2001 - Technical advancements in the new medium -- the Web -- are changing the way media communicate with the target audience. But there are still great tactics to be adopted from the "old school" that can improve effectiveness. Comments

Come Together... Right Now

Jun 26, 2001 - There has been talk among the ranks of agencies, pundits, top media sales brass, and industry wonks about the need for true integration of media and marketing products and services. Isn't time to finally do something about it? Comments

Out, Damned Click. Out, I Say...

Jun 19, 2001 - Or should we say: "Out, out, brief candle! A click's but a shadow, a banner that floats upon a Web site and then is heard of no more: It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." Some would say so, but Jim doesn't go... Comments

Testing Is Still the Best Medicine

Jun 12, 2001 - First there was the click-through. Then we started moving to conversion rates. Now we talk about branding effects, purchase intent, consumer attitude, awareness, buying power, and a myriad other expressions of ad effectiveness. Then what? Comments

GRPs, TRPs, Reach, and Frequency... Oh My!

Jun 5, 2001 - A Copernican worldview is emerging, disrupting our page- view- and click-through-centric world. So what shape is this undoing of the old "new" view of online media currency going to take? Odd that something "revolutionary" might actually be a turning... Comments

Two Traditional Ways of Looking at Online

May 29, 2001 - Until the Web, media measurement has been more artistic statistic than scientific exercise. Still, finding ways to express interactive advertising's impact by using traditional advertising's nomenclature and units of measure is in vogue. For good reason... Comments

Why Hide Research? The Truth Shall Set You Free

May 22, 2001 - There are data and research out there somewhere that could help us learn more about what does or does not constitute success in advertising campaigns. The problem is getting to it. Comments

Tug of War: Direct Response or Branding?

May 15, 2001 - Is the online medium a direct-response vehicle? Or is it really a way to engage consumers, leading to branding? Jim thinks the medium can be both and should be used for direct response and branding. Comments

Down by the Old Media Stream

May 8, 2001 - Streaming audio is a great ad vehicle, but sellers don't know how to package it and agencies don't know who's buying it. Jim has suggestions on positioning the medium and defining ad units. Comments

Phoenix From Ashes: The Need for Research

May 1, 2001 - Is the Internet a lost cause for media, a black hole for advertisers? Of course not! Those with the most to gain must now prove the viability of the medium by investing in research. Comments

Are Industry Averages Meaningful?

Apr 24, 2001 - The quest for quotable industry averages on the Internet is a more desperate pursuit than it is for most other businesses. Jim tells you why and reviews the major online advertising industry averages: the CTR, CPM, and CPA. Comments

The Commodification of Online Media

Apr 17, 2001 - What distinguishing factors should media buyers take into consideration when putting together a media buy? Price and service alone? Or do quality considerations count? Comments

The Current State of Ad-Pricing Models

Apr 10, 2001 - Jim has more news from Digitrends' Media Buyers Summit on how interactive media is bought, sold, and measured. He discusses the best way to price online advertising, a debate that moves toward balance and acceptance. Comments

Sequential Liability Works for Both Sides

Apr 3, 2001 - Media buyers and sellers got together at Digitrends' Media Buyers Summit to continue the dialogue on how interactive media is bought, sold, and measured. The hottest issue of the conference? Sequential liability. Comments

Getting It Sold: A Buyer's Perspective

Mar 27, 2001 - Jim thinks CPMs charged by Web properties are out of whack compared to traditional media charges. If we stick with impressions, the only way to sell them is to match their cost with the perceived worth. Comments

Departure to Dayparts

Mar 20, 2001 - Traditional advertisers have used daypart buys for ages, purchasing media not just by vehicle but also by time of day. Jim makes the case for offering daypart advertising inventory online. Comments

Pay For Performance Still Rules

Mar 13, 2001 - Is CPM a sort of artificial label? Deconstructing the terms of advertising isn't going to get us anywhere. At the end of the day, clients still really want the same old thing: ROI. Comments

Sizes, Sizes Everywhere, but Can Someone Help Me Think?

Mar 6, 2001 - Jim's view on the new IAB standards is generally positive. But he thinks the IAB should fix the hole in the dike rather than just putting a finger in it. Here are the issues that should be addressed. Comments

Bizarro Web Revisited

Feb 27, 2001 - Jim proposes another mental exercise with a scenario from an alternative universe. Again he asks, "What if Webvertising came without there ever being mention of a click-through?" This time, however, the scenario is much more disturbing. Comments

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