Entrepreneurship on the Internet

Dec 26, 2000 - Are you thinking about becoming an entrepreneur? Remember: When you've found a need, you've found an opportunity. Comments

Consumer Marketplaces as Intermediaries

Dec 19, 2000 - Despite some hurdles for consumer marketplace sites, they can cover a wide range and gather broad lifestyle profile data, showing that the World Wide Web can also be the "neighborhood wide web." Comments

Are Your Suppliers Loyal?

Dec 12, 2000 - As online customers discover their web services being increasingly discontinued, their trust in any web company or site is likely to decrease. Comments

Creating an Internal Product Newsletter

Dec 7, 2000 - Why produce a product newsletter? Think. By following some simple steps, in less than two hours per week, you can keep all the key people in your organization up to date with the latest news about your product and the space. Comments

Developing an Accurate Projection of Success

Dec 5, 2000 - Whether you are raising capital or managing an existing business, making accurate financial projections for marketing, sales, and operations is essential. Combining these measurements into a comprehensive model can help you develop an accurate projection... Comments

Effective Online Merchandising Techniques

Nov 28, 2000 - The days of basic product presentation on e-commerce sites have given way to more sophisticated product merchandising and presentation, but applying some traditional merchandising techniques to online shopping is fundamental. Comments

How to Measure the Effectiveness of Email Newsletter Ads

Nov 21, 2000 - Direct marketers in any medium want to test ad variables. Call it a primal urge to isolate and measure. But for too long, the email newsletter environment has proven hostile to the testing-inclined.Not anymore. Comments

Online Event Marketing Strategies

Nov 14, 2000 - Offline marketers have long viewed special events as marketing opportunities. It's a great way to get a targeted message out to an appropriate audience. Luckily for those that traded in bricks for clicks, event marketing strategies translate very well... Comments

The 2000 Holiday Season: Are You Ready?

Nov 7, 2000 - This is going to be an important holiday shopping season for online retailers. More consumers will spend more money online. This is the good news. But they will have higher expectations. Can you deliver what they want? Comments

Quick and Easy Personalization

Oct 31, 2000 - Will personalization increase your ROI? Could be. You can take quick and easy steps to find out. Comments

Online Grocery Stores: A Marketing Lesson in the Making

Oct 24, 2000 - When neighborhood grocery stores grew into supermarkets, consumers became frustrated that it took so long to find what they wanted. Then smaller convenience stores sprang up to meet consumers' needs for a quicker and easier way to shop. Online grocery... Comments

Mapping Customer Attitudes

Oct 17, 2000 - Marketers have a lot of data at their disposal. They've got demographic data, purchase history data, and web tracking data. And that's just for starters. But many marketers could benefit from a map of customer attitudes. Using a perceptual map, marketers... Comments

Do Web Enhancements Pay Off?

Oct 10, 2000 - You think personalization is a sure-fire way to increase profits? It might be. After all, it costs less to keep a customer than to attract one in the first place. But sometimes numbers can be misleading. Cliff takes a closer look at the tale they tell... Comments

Tell a Story to Engage Your Audience

Oct 3, 2000 - Telling stories is something that seems to be part of human nature. Few things are so engaging as a good narrative, whether it's in print or on a TV or movie screen. Why, then, do so few corporate web sites make use of storytelling? It's a great way... Comments

Voice Portals Target a Mobile Audience

Sep 26, 2000 - Voice portals, a new class of audio interface web sites, have recently come on the scene. They're not web sites in the normal sense because they're designed to be accessed through a standard telephone. Sites like Tellme.com and BeVocal.com allow callers... Comments

Harnessing the Power of Interactive Video

Sep 19, 2000 - When big-name entertainment web sites announce huge layoffs or fold up entirely, you have to wonder what's wrong with that segment of the business. Is it the business model? The target market? Or is it the technology? For a few of the recent newsmakers... Comments

Why Do They Buy?

Sep 12, 2000 - Most of the time, customers buy products for all the reasons that marketers expect them to. However, there are always a few customers who buy products for reasons marketers haven't even thought of. Understanding specific motivations of consumers or... Comments

Fake News Release Costs Investors Millions

Sep 5, 2000 - The bogus Emulex press release sent by email and distributed over the wires wreaked havoc on the company's share prices and highlighted security weaknesses on the web. But making web sites more secure might impinge on users' rights to be anonymous... Comments

Speed Bumps for Impulse Buyers

Aug 29, 2000 - Have you ever had a customer who was too eager to buy? Prospective customers can become so excited about finding a product or service with features they've been looking for that they forget to ensure it really fits their needs. One way to help these... Comments

Put a Human Face on Your Corporate Image

Aug 22, 2000 - One of the things that's lacking on so many corporate web sites is a personal touch that humanizes the site. Many times a founder is associated with the site, and, if so, it's only natural that site visitors want to know a bit about his or her views... Comments

Private Access for Key Customers

Aug 15, 2000 - The cost of acquiring a new customer in a business-to- business environment has always been high when compared to consumer sales. Several in-person sales calls can be needed to close an initial order. At over $100 per sales call, the total cost of... Comments

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