Web Branding for Dummies

Mar 22, 2001 - Are cool technology and poor design killing the Web? Many of our readers don't think so, and they think Gerry doesn't understand branding. Here's Gerry's response to the Web-branding clueless among us. Comments

The Web for Dummies

Mar 15, 2001 - Designers envision cool graphics and complicated technology on Web pages. But the Web is more like a library, newspaper, or directory -- it needs a simple and functional design. Cool technology and design are killing the Web. Comments

Content: Can We Measure the Cost Versus the Benefits?

Mar 8, 2001 - Knowledge capital consists of a company's intellectual resources and its written content. A key challenge is to measure the cost versus the benefits of the content we create. Comments

Don't Believe What You Read

Mar 1, 2001 - Is today's Internet damaging the integrity of content? There's some great stuff, sure. However, it's vastly outweighed by badly written, out-of-date, inaccurate, and sometimes deliberately misleading content. Comments

Who's Spending Your Time?

Feb 22, 2001 - With its right hand, technology promises you products that are faster, better, and cheaper. With its left hand, it steals your time. In the new economy, time is your most valuable resource. Comments

Age of the Information-Literate

Feb 15, 2001 - We've just witnessed the emergence of the information- literate -- hands at the keyboard and eyes on the screen. They shift the present and shape the future. The Internet is their tool of choice. Comments

Get Ready to Pay for Content

Feb 8, 2001 - On the Web, we live a great illusion. We have become drunk on free content, believing that the party will never end. Well, the party's over, and here's why. Comments

More Fundamentals for a Quality Search

Jan 25, 2001 - How can standards improve an advanced search and your search results presentation? Gerry offers more fundamental advice. Comments

The Fundamentals of Quality Search

Jan 18, 2001 - The better you structure and classify your content as you create it, the easier it is to design an effective search process. A few simple guidelines can help. Comments

Complexity: The Curse of the Digital Age

Jan 4, 2001 - In a world where change and complexity are forced upon us at every turn, people yearn for simplicity. People are tired of technology that's overcomplicated, poorly designed, and full of bugs. Comments

Why XML Is Important

Dec 14, 2000 - Extensible markup language (XML), an evolution of hypertext markup language (HTML), brings in vital new standards for how we organize our content. Find out why we need new standards. Comments

The New Economy Grows Old

Dec 7, 2000 - The new economy is suffering some growing pains. The dot- com revolution has hit the inflexible iceberg of reality, and stock options have become like deck chairs on the "Titanic." Is the party over? Comments

Information Overload: Challenge of the Future

Nov 30, 2000 - What are the challenges of an information society? Technology companies say it's all about bandwidth, fast computers, and cheap Internet access. But the real problem is information overload. Comments

Do Television Networks Control the Internet?

Nov 23, 2000 - Working hand in hand with the Internet, television networks are exerting more and more control on our lives. Rather than being the voice of "new media," the Internet is a means by which "old media" exerts an even greater lock on its audience. Comments

Common Standards

Nov 15, 2000 - The recent U.S. presidential election is the perfect argument for why we need common standards like XML. It's a critical challenge because technology is merely an enabler, but you need consensus and cooperation for it to work. Comments

Promoting Content

Nov 2, 2000 - It's not enough to create content anymore -- you've got to get out there and promote it. Gerry tells you the many ways in which to promote your content to your customers as well as to your staff. Comments

Generating Content

Oct 19, 2000 - Quality content is a lot more expensive to create than most people realize. Maintaining a quality web site is also more expensive than many think. Reducing content costs while maintaining quality is a difficult balancing act. The viability of many... Comments

Laying out Web Content

Sep 28, 2000 - There are only so many ways to properly lay out content, whether in a newspaper or on the web, but there are two, sometimes conflicting, objectives you should follow. The primary objective is to provide the most readable environment for the content... Comments

Navigating a Web Site

Sep 21, 2000 - One of the most difficult problems in web site design is navigation. When you say "web site design," a lot of people immediately think of graphics, of visual design. The core design challenges for a web site revolve around information, not visuals... Comments

Rewarding Knowledge Workers

Sep 13, 2000 - The Internet is the workhorse of the Information Age, the steam engine of digital progress. Suddenly, we are all knowledge workers, rising in the morning and heading out to a bright future of lifelong learning. We embrace the new ideologies of cooperation... Comments

Internet Content Is Invaluable

Sep 7, 2000 - Quality content is invaluable to those of us who use the Internet. The day's not far off when people will be willing to pay for high-quality content, content that teaches them, entertains them, helps them do their jobs better. Until that time, though... Comments

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