Plan to Be Innovative

Aug 9, 2001 - Unrealistic deadlines for media plans, the race to keep up on new technologies, and strained personnel resources can all be enemies of innovation, which is often the secret of our success. So you have to watch your agency processes and work habits. Comments

How to Make Users Hate Online Advertising

Aug 2, 2001 - Two debates seem to be going on with respect to the X10 camera campaign. The first is straightforward and centers around whether pop-unders are evil. The second concerns whether the constant barrage of pop-unders is affecting the X10 brand negatively... Comments

Spotting Online Trends

Jul 26, 2001 - Insofar as consumers keep finding new ways to use it every day, the Internet is unlike any medium we've seen. It continually reinvents itself. So it makes sense to watch for new Internet applications that can support advertising or marketing opportunities... Comments

A Flash in the Pan or Sophisticated Flambi?

Jul 19, 2001 - That ad just sizzled... Of course,Tom's talking about the Jack Daniel's Flash ad on Why was it the hot topic around the water cooler after it ran? Because it was designed to brand. Period. Comments

The Beginning of the End of CTR?

Jul 12, 2001 - Online publishers have known for a while that CTR is not a good measurement of success for online campaigns. Most of them wish that CTR had never been invented, yet they churn out CTR-based performance reports day after day. Looks like that's changing... Comments

Are Those Media Properties Stable?

Jul 5, 2001 - You set up a great long-term advertising deal with an online media property that seems to be in perfect health. A couple of months later, it's shutting its doors. Ask the right questions, and you may avoid this nightmare scenario. Comments

Advertising Works, But It's Not a Magic Bullet

Jun 28, 2001 - Advertising is supposed to sell products and services, but the practice consists of a few parts strategy, a few parts creativity, and a dash of voodoo. The trick is to get your product into the prospect's consideration frame. And to have realistic... Comments

Keep Agency Relationships Healthy

Jun 21, 2001 - The three biggest factors contributing to success when dealing with agency planners and buyers are service, service, and service. That means know your stuff inside and out, backward and forward, and then go the extra mile. Comments

Is the Quest for One-to-One Marketing Doomed?

Jun 14, 2001 - That pinnacle of selling on the Web -- one-to-one marketing -- is a concept that many of us refer to as the Holy Grail. But many among us have come to think of that quest as quixotic. Is the pursuit destined for doom? Comments

Wireless Is Its Own Animal

Jun 7, 2001 - Why haven't wireless media been able to implement an ad- supported model like the Web? Ask this question of 10 different media planners, and you're likely to get 10 different answers. Comments

Can Audience-Based Buying and Selling Work?

May 31, 2001 - Growing numbers of Web buyers and sellers are beginning to think about implementing audience-based advertising online. And it wouldn't take too much to get it to work, either. The question is, Should we? Comments

A Rich Media 'Platform' That's Really a Platform?

May 24, 2001 - Something's definitely caught Tom's eye... It's quite possibly a blast from the future of rich media advertising. Comments

Measuring What Matters

May 17, 2001 - Tom thinks we need to unlearn the way we measure traditional advertising. Then we can take full advantage of Web technologies that measure what matters most -- transactions. Comments

Email Preferences: Let Your Customers Decide

May 10, 2001 - Despite research on frequency preferences for permission- based email, marketers should ask customers directly how often they want to receive content and offers. Set up a preferences page for both frequency and format preferences. Comments

In Online Advertising, Context Is King

May 3, 2001 - It's not enough to design an online ad campaign to find the right audience. You've got to find them in the right place. And at the right time. Comments

Email in Any Language

Apr 26, 2001 - English speakers have enjoyed the fact that English is the dominant language on the Web, but it’s time that we all take a look at our customers and address them in their preferred language. Comments

The Dilemma of Ad-Blocking Software

Apr 19, 2001 - The ad-supported publishing model seems to be under attack. But what if publishers go out of business because they can't support their pages with ads? Comments

Retention-Based Advertising

Apr 12, 2001 - Forget customer acquisition -- retention-based advertising is relatively simple to implement. Segment your ad campaigns into groups of existing versus potential new customers, or segment via email offers. Comments

Planning a Rich Media Email Campaign

Apr 5, 2001 - As email offerings get richer and richer, marketers need to do a lot more homework. Tom gives tips on what to ask when planning aneffective rich media email campaign. Comments

New Direction for Interactive Agencies

Mar 29, 2001 - Agency planners can cope with the changes in today's market by understanding the client's business model before focusing on the ad budget. This approach builds trust and results in a more effective overall media plan. Comments

The Smooth Sell: Database Connectivity Ads

Mar 22, 2001 - Why not give your ads a database connectivity feature? You don't need a destination site. The technology offers interesting creative possibilities. Most important, it represents a leap forward in efficiency for your online campaign. Comments

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