Jan 12, 2001 - For better or worse, the web world is slowing down. Find out the reasons why. Comments

Cynical Valley: The Technology World Slows Down

Jan 5, 2001 - The heady days of the Internet revolution seem to have clashed with reality, and we are not so brave anymore in the new dot-com world. Is a healthy dose of skepticism taking over? Even turning into cynicism? Maybe it's time to hurry up and slow down. Comments

Engage Layoffs to Be "Minimal" in Asia

Jan 5, 2001 - Plans to lay off 550 employees will be chiefly limited to U.S. operations. Comments

Whose Future Is It Anyway?

Dec 15, 2000 - What happens when you get a group of management consultants, venture capitalists, and technology visionaries together for dinner? Their opinions will vary depending on their professional backgrounds. Do we realize that our biases may be influenced... Comments

Holiday Race 2000

Dec 1, 2000 - Consumers seem to expect more from online businesses during the holidays. Shoppers blow a gasket if a web site slows down during peak traffic. But does anyone complain about traffic and long lines at the local mall? Comments

Voted off the Dot-Com Island

Nov 24, 2000 - Many of this year's dot-com failures were predictable. Since there's more to be learned from failure than from success, here are some lessons from these failures for surviving e-businesses. Comments

Conference Call

Nov 17, 2000 - Are you planning to conduct an industry conference? Here's everything you need to know about the art and science of planning a successful conference. Comments

Self-Service -- With or Without a Smile

Nov 3, 2000 - As the holiday buying season approaches, e-tailers are looking to expensive e-CRM solutions as the answer to abandoned shopping carts, a costly, overblown solution. It's cheaper and more effective to address your site's usability problems. Comments

Say Brother, Can You Paradigm?

Oct 27, 2000 - Consultants are right up there with lawyers and used-car salesmen as the butt of jokes -- implying everything from ineptitude to downright fraudulence. Emily has become a consultant herself, although she likes to think of herself as a counter-consultant... Comments

Internet Advertising: Not Dead Yet

Oct 20, 2000 - It's gotten to be sort of a habit for Greg and Emily. Trying to see through all the Internet hype. Taking a gleeful pin to the overinflated balloons of e-business. But the financial markets are doing a lot of their work for them now. What's a pundit... Comments

Customer Service, Not Lip Service

Oct 13, 2000 - Mention "E-CRM" to any marketing person, and he or she is an expert on what it means. It means help desks and call centers and friendly smiles. It means field service and research and tracking. All is fine and good as long as the customer is happy... Comments

What Home-Shopping TV Can Teach B2C E-Tailers

Oct 6, 2000 - Forget the spotted owl. These days you'd think B2C e-commerce was an endangered species. From investors to the industry presses, it's open season on the B2C Internet. Well, if you're a struggling B2C marketer, help might be at hand, albeit from an... Comments

The 800-Pound HIPAA-Potamus

Sep 22, 2000 - HIPAA is an acronym that stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Embedded in that act was also legislation governing privacy of individually identifiable health information. People get squirrelly about their health information... Comments

Turn On, Tune In, Opt Out

Sep 8, 2000 - In a recent lawsuit, Harris Interactive suggested that MAPS uses tactics that constitute vigilante censorship and obstruction of legitimate business. Greg and Emily believe that MAPS provides a highly desirable problem-solving service in an area where... Comments

The Right Staff

Aug 25, 2000 - The untimely death of the explosive dot-com job market has been greatly exaggerated. Quality employees are as important as ever to the success of growing e-businesses. Unlike their brick-and-mortar brethren, e-businesses are valued almost exclusively... Comments


Aug 18, 2000 - It's official: A woman's place is online. A recent study by Media Metrix and Jupiter Communications tells us that the population of women on the Internet in the United States, at least is surpassing the male population. This news has tremendous impact... Comments

Nothing But Brand

Aug 11, 2000 - TV image spots serve to do nothing more than build name recognition (often confused with any real branding). Not that there's anything wrong with that. Apparently, it's never premature to be building a name for yourself before your audience even knows... Comments


Aug 4, 2000 - On the tenth anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Greg and Emily give you tips and resources for making your site accessible. We already accommodate for people with varying connectivity speeds and viewing devices. We think about the... Comments

Euthanizing Internet Content

Jul 28, 2000 - Internet content gets no respect. "Stale equals fail" has been the mantra of web publishing. We could all do a better job at regularly updating our web sites. An untended site tells customers, business partners, and investors that the company behind... Comments

Blame the Marketers

Jul 21, 2000 - Ever since the spring 2000 dot-com meltdown, the "talkaloti" have rolled their eyes and nodded knowingly that they all saw this coming. It's open season on the dot-coms, with sites like making a sport out of kicking 'em when they... Comments

The False Messiahs of Wireless

Jul 14, 2000 - If you were a wireless Internet conference groupie, you'd undoubtedly know that there are two things every wireless wannabe is sticking in her next press release: support for MP3 files and Bluetooth. While there's a lot of buzz and excitement about... Comments

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