Richard Hoy

Richard Hoy

After five years of telling others about how to spend their marketing budget online, Richard Hoy recently left the employ of this influential publication to see if what he's been blabbing with his big fat mouth all these years really works. He is President and Co-founder of Inc., an alternative to traditional publishing that helps authors realize profits of up to 70 percent of sales by combining electronic publishing with Internet marketing.


Sony Eyes Net Appliance Market

Jun 15, 2001 - Sony Electronics plans to unleash its e Villa Net appliance laterthis month, but can it succeed where others have failed? Comments

Sales Strategies for Small-Site Owners

Dec 29, 2000 - This is the final article in Richard's four-part series on creating an advertising program for small sites. Today's focus is your sales strategy: presenting... Comments

Creating an Ad Program for Small Sites

Dec 22, 2000 - How does one technically implement a directory-based or sponsorship-based advertising program? A few easy tips from Richard can show you how. Comments

Site Design With Advertisers in Mind

Dec 15, 2000 - So your site has an audience advertisers want to reach. Now you're deciding on an ad model. Whatever you choose, remember: Your site should be designed... Comments

Which Advertising Model Will You Choose?

Dec 8, 2000 - Last week Richard launched into a series about creating an advertising program on a small web site. Today he's tackling a major issue: What will you... Comments

Ad Sales Options for Small-Site Owners

Dec 1, 2000 - You're a small-site owner with ad inventory to sell. But you don't have much money or time. Is using an ad network your only choice? No. Here's a do... Comments

Level It Ain't

Nov 24, 2000 - So the Internet levels the playing field for small businesses, right? Sounds good -- until you consider that successful selling online is tightly tied... Comments

Putting Together a Sound Business Plan

Nov 17, 2000 - Entrepreneurially inclined? Great. But in your enthusiasm, don't forget that while the Internet changes a lot of the rules, it doesn't change this one... Comments

Best Practices for Delivering Email Newsletters

Nov 10, 2000 - Nothing can take the air out of an email marketer's tires like landing on the Realtime Blackhole List. If you end up there, your email newsletter won... Comments

Build an Email Newsletter to Build Relationships

Nov 3, 2000 - So you think email marketing means sending advertisements to a list of email addresses? Blech! No wonder you're being left out in the cold. The power... Comments

Use Third-Party Lists With Caution

Oct 27, 2000 - Richard is a man with a mission. And that mission is to spare other small-business owners some of the hard lessons he's learned over the past five years... Comments

Find Your Niche and Grow

Oct 20, 2000 - The bigger and more diversified gets, the more Richard's convinced that finding a niche and staying in it is the way to go. Especially if... Comments

One Way to Fight Credit Card Fraud

Oct 13, 2000 - If you're a small-business owner, you know that credit card fraud is rife... and what a bite chargeback penalties can take out of your revenues. What... Comments

How Credit Card Companies Aid and Abet Criminals

Oct 6, 2000 - Richard's learned a lot about using and abusing credit cards to rip off small businesses. Did you know that "approved" doesn't mean a card's A-OK? Neither... Comments

Tracking Prospects Beyond the Click

Sep 29, 2000 - Tracking prospects beyond the click on banner-ad creative is useful because you can see the actions prospects take when they respond to your banner... Comments

Organizing Your Submission Campaign

Sep 22, 2000 - Last week, Richard gave you pointers on submitting your site the old-fashioned way. This week, he tells you specifically how to find places to register... Comments

Executing Your Submission Campaign the Old-Fashioned Way

Sep 15, 2000 - Most people think that a submission campaign is just about registering your main URL. If you do that, you are shortchanging yourself. A submission campaign... Comments

Personalizing Your Site Offerings

Sep 15, 2000 - Have you ever thought, "Gee, wouldn't it be cool if when someone is looking at any product in my online store, I could offer a list of related products... Comments

Search Engine Autosubmissions Run Amok

Sep 8, 2000 - Like most small-business managers, Richard is interested in getting listed in search engines. So he decided to purchase a product claiming to submit... Comments

Selecting a Web Development Firm: Part 2

Sep 1, 2000 - Last week, Richard started giving you his top-five criteria for selecting a web development firm. He continues this week with the last two: the depth... Comments

Selecting a Web Development Firm: Part 1

Aug 25, 2000 - After spelling out our needs in enough detail that we have a starting point for negotiations with a web development firm, the next big question is... Comments

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