Jonathan Jackson

Jonathan Jackson

marketing consultant,

Jonathan Jackson is an independent consultant based in New York City. He has written extensively on internet advertising and e-mail marketing since the inception of the internet. A frequent guest speaker, Jonathan has addressed global audiences on marketing and advertising topics and also teaches marketing at colleges around the world.


Intruder Alert

Jun 18, 2004 - The authors of 'Internet Privacy for Dummies' offer detailed instructions on how to minimize spam and tighten security around a computer. Comments

Snap, Crackle, Innovate

May 13, 2004 - Seth Godin never writes a boring book. His latest tome urges marketers to switch emphasis from the media buy to the product itself. Comments


Apr 15, 2004 - The wonderful things about e-mail also make it irresistible to the worst marketers. Fighting Spam for Dummies gives consumers and administrators the... Comments

Just Brand It

Mar 22, 2004 - The Brand Gap explores why some companies never quite achieve the quality branding they seek. Comments

Destination Unknown

Feb 10, 2004 - It's always difficult to spot a trend. Thankfully, there are professionals who keep their finger on the pulse of civilization and take the larger view... Comments

Trust No One

Jan 27, 2004 - In Defending The Brand , Brian Murray describes the bad things that happen to good brands when their stewards neglect to monitor the online medium. Comments

Holding Back The Tide

Jan 23, 2004 - The Web population's growing numbness to e-mail can not be blamed solely on spammers. Rather, there is a torrent of 'low-value messages' that could... Comments

Ready, Steady, Brand

Jan 9, 2004 - Everything you ever needed to know about marketing you can learn on MTV. Implausible as that may sound, it's the implied premise of a new book looking... Comments

Brands: Case Closed

Dec 14, 2003 - It's a great shame 'Brand Aid' is so poorly organized, since author Brad VanAuken is clearly a master of the branding game with plenty of insight to... Comments

Seducing The Hippocampus

Nov 17, 2003 - Starting with a scientific discussion of the brain, psychologist and marketer Dan Hill argues all good marketing should push the emotional buttons. Comments

Victims of Success

Oct 17, 2003 - The graveyard of new product launches is a testament to the difficulty of getting anything new off the shelves. According to the authors of Lateral... Comments

Moo Juice

Sep 23, 2003 - Seth Godin says marketing is suffering from a dearth of good ideas. Equating the bulk of current product marketing with endless herds of ordinary cattle... Comments

Strip Tease

Sep 8, 2003 - From time to time, a wag will appear who wants to share some inside marketing jokes with the rest of the world. Patrick Forsyth is just such a wag. Comments

Zentrepreneurial Spirit

Aug 5, 2003 - While those seeking day-to-day marketing advice will likely be disappointed bgy Dragon Spirit, anyone hoping for a giant larding needle of motivation... Comments

Your Marketing $ucks

Jul 24, 2003 - Reject everything you think you know about marketing and dare to imagine something different. Comments

It's A Two-Way Street

Jul 17, 2003 - Adding to the corpus of our online advertising knowledge comes Rob Graham's thoughtful new book Advertising Interactively. Comments

E-Newsletters: Advertise and Consent

Mar 19, 2002 - There’s not a lot you can’t communicate to customers via email. E-newsletters are a highly effective means of bundling multiple messages. Comments

I Changed My Mind

Mar 5, 2002 - In the world of permission-based email marketing, recipients should always have the right to reconsider. Comments

Coming on Too Strong?

Feb 19, 2002 - Valentine’s Day brought with it a lesson: Coming on too strong is a lousy approach if you want to build a relationship. Comments

Round-Trip Marketing

Feb 5, 2002 - Suppose the reservation agent at an airline or hotel was invariably friendly and helpful. Then, upon arriving at the gate or resort, the weary traveler... Comments

Strip Clubs

Jan 22, 2002 - In his everlasting quest to discover the ultimate in CRM, Jonathan took to the Las Vegas Strip. Comments

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