Ben Isaacson

Ben Isaacson

Privacy and Compliance Leader


Ben Isaacson is the privacy and compliance leader for Experian, overseeing Internet and advanced technology privacy and compliance affairs across Experian Marketing Services products including CheetahMail, Digital Advertising Services, and Hitwise. Mr. Isaacson's previous roles include serving as the executive director of the Association for Interactive Marketing (AIM), a former DMA subsidiary. He regularly blogs at


FTC Privacy Framework: Time to Stand Up and Take 'Notice'

Dec 7, 2010 - Don't allow regulators to establish privacy rules that may directly impact your business without your voice being heard. Comments

Authentication: A Good Start, Not a Final Answer

Jun 7, 2004 - E-mail authentication's future, and how it will affect legitimate e-mailers. Comments

E-Mail Accreditation: Giving Credit Where Credit's Due

May 24, 2004 - Third-party e-mail accreditation becomes a reality at last. E-mailers who do their homework will get good report cards. Comments

Whitelists and Filters

May 10, 2004 - A whitelist is a badge of honor to e-mailers, a testament to their legitimacy. But the badge may be plastic, not gold. Comments

Gmail and Search/E-Mail Integration

Apr 26, 2004 - Marketing breakthrough or brave new world? Comments

What's Your Primary Purpose?

Apr 12, 2004 - The deadline for public suggestions on CAN-SPAM has been extended. Important issues to comment on. Comments

Help Stop Do Not E-Mail

Mar 29, 2004 - The request for public comments on the proposed Do Not E-Mail Registry is about to close. Comments

Is E-Mail in Spyware's Crosshairs?

Mar 15, 2004 - Think spyware has nothing to do with your e-mail marketing campaign? Think again. Comments

CAN-SPAM and E-Mail Sender Fields

Mar 1, 2004 - Who (or what) is your e-mail 'from'? The question now goes beyond response and open rates to legal compliance. Comments

What I Learned at Spam Camp

Feb 2, 2004 - CAN-SPAM is only in phase one. How the law evolves depends on who provides the input. Comments

2004: The Year of Suppression

Jan 5, 2004 - CAN-SPAM is just the beginning. Unsubscribing, and staying unsubscribed, is the big issue for consumers and e-mailers alike. Comments

A Big, Big Year for E-Mail

Dec 22, 2003 - Lessons were learned, legislation’s looming. 2003 will go down as the year of all e-mail, all the time. Comments

It's in the CAN!

Dec 8, 2003 - The CAN-SPAM Act's not perfect, but it's a step in the right direction. Comments

Bounce Codes: Can't We All Just Get Along?

Nov 24, 2003 - Your e-mail bounces. The ISP sends a bounce code to define the problem. Why don't all ISP codes match? Comments

What's Your New Outlook? (Microsoft, That Is)

Nov 10, 2003 - Will Outlook 2003 have a dramatic effect on e-mailers? Comments

Challenging The System

Oct 27, 2003 - How marketers can respond to challenge/response. Comments

Going Postal

Oct 13, 2003 - E-mail append: Crafty, or just plain creepy? Will a patchwork of spam laws encourage marketers to mine more customer data? One marketer argues what... Comments

E-Mail Address Forensics

Sep 29, 2003 - How can you tell if an e-mail address is 'dead'? Comments

Permission: Black, White... and Grey?

Sep 15, 2003 - Is permission to e-mail black and white, or does every marketer have a unique set of circumstances? Comments

The Unsubscribe Dilemma

Aug 18, 2003 - People are taught to report e-mail as spam and never unsubscribe. Why it's a problem -- and ideas for solutions. Comments

The Confirmation Quandary

Aug 4, 2003 - Most e-mailers don’t practice double opt-in, but may have to soon. Considerations when tightening a confirmation policy. Comments

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