Mark Redetzke

Mark Redetzke

Mark Redetzke is vice president of online media for Zentropy Partners, a unit of MRM (McCann Relationship Marketing). He's led Zentropy's Minneapolis online media department since 1999, where he develops integrated online contact strategies and oversees all planning and buying. Current clients include Nestle Purina, General Mills, H&R Block, Microsoft, Overture and Sprint. Earlier, Mark planned traditional and online media for Campbell-Mithun. He's a frequent guest lecturer at conferences and graduate advertising and communications courses at St. Thomas University; the University of Minnesota; Minneapolis School of Communication Arts & Design and the 4A's.


Happy Ending

Mar 9, 2004 - Our interactive media buyer rides off -- not into the sunset, but the sunrise. Comments

Upfront About the Absurd

Feb 24, 2004 - Mardi Gras is great preparation for an interactive media buyer poised to penetrate the upfront. Comments

Latent Conversions

Feb 10, 2004 - Why too much data can be a bad thing. Comments

Agencies and SEM: Howdy, Partner

Jan 27, 2004 - For something so simple, search is pretty darned complicated. That's why agencies need specialized SEM partners. Comments

Five More Media Predictions for 2004

Jan 13, 2004 - Broadband will drive the changes this year. Comments

Emerging Trend: Optimizing Based on Brand Metrics

Dec 30, 2003 - Online is a proven branding medium. Now advertisers can optimize online brand advertising. Comments

Targeting the Evangelist

Dec 16, 2003 - A little evangelism goes a long way -- especially when budgets are tight. Comments

Don't Talk Amongst Yourselves

Dec 2, 2003 - No need to preach to the converted. There's plenty of ignorance to combat. Comments

Angry Young Media Buyer

Nov 18, 2003 - How do media buyers view their clients, agencies, and vendors? Well, Mark's having one of those days. Comments

Thoughts on the Planning Season

Nov 4, 2003 - This year, online's competitive edge may finally emerge. Comments

Down On the Farm

Oct 21, 2003 - Rural South Dakota: who's the Luddite? Our own interactive agency media buyer. Comments

Hub Media Strategy

Oct 7, 2003 - The Web as the center of a communications plan. It's smart. It works. So why are agencies spinning their wheels? Comments

Mountains Out Of Molehills

Sep 23, 2003 - Things were looking up for interactive. Then the WSJ demonstrates its poor grasp of the medium. Comments

Are We Ready for Specialized Agencies?

Sep 9, 2003 - You've got your media shops and your creative shops. Should the twain meet? Comments

How to Budget for Internet Advertising

Aug 26, 2003 - How much should your client spend online? A methodical, three-step approach to budgeting. Comments

Flash Mobs: Viral Distribution Matters

Aug 12, 2003 - How to increase the viral aspect of your campaigns. Comments

What's Your Client's Database Doing for You?

Jul 29, 2003 - You know about direct response, so why are you shying away from e-mail? Comments

Justify Your Existence in 60 Minutes (or Less)

Jul 15, 2003 - Three solid arguments for adding online to the media mix (in case they weren't listening the first time). Comments

A Commentary on Online Creative

Jul 1, 2003 - Mark's just a media guy. Why is he the one thinking all this stuff up? Comments

Think Global, Sell Local

Jun 17, 2003 - A new era in localized online media. Comments

Reality Programming for Agencies

Jun 3, 2003 - Theerosion of network TV. Up to 20 percent of your audience isn't watching TV... and the number's rising. Comments

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