Ian Schafer

Ian Schafer

Ian Schafer, CEO and founder of Deep Focus, consistently redefines the way entertainment properties are marketed online. Ian founded Deep Focus in 2002 to bring a holistic suite of interactive marketing and promotional solutions to the entertainment industry. The company's clients include America Online, Dimension Films, HBO, MGM, Nickelodeon, Sony/BMG Music, 20th Century Fox, Universal Music Group, and many others. As former VP of New Media at Miramax and Dimension Films, Ian was responsible for their most popular online campaigns. He's been featured as an expert in online entertainment marketing and advertising in numerous media outlets including Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Advertising Age, and CNN.


Online Advertising's Stunted Growth

Mar 7, 2008 - The interactive industry must make fundamental changes to the way it strategizes, sells, buys, and provides online advertising. Here are five places... Comments

In-Stream Advertising: Killing or Saving Online Video?

Jan 25, 2008 - A new Burst Media study tries to make sense of it all. Comments

Dispatch From CES 2008

Jan 11, 2008 - Innovation at the Consumer Electronics Show underscores why advertisers must evolve along with technology, and not forget about the hardware. Comments

What if Piracy Were Legal?

Dec 28, 2007 - A dispute between Antigua and the United States over online casinos may have serious implications for the video industry. Comments

What Do You Want From Online Video in 2008?

Dec 14, 2007 - How the next year in online video can become better than the last. Comments

Are Social Networks the New Networks?

Nov 16, 2007 - How social networking sites may prove to be the best online video distribution and monetization channel yet. Comments

Does It Matter How Good Video Content Is?

Nov 2, 2007 - For advertising, distribution of online content is every bit as important as its quality. Comments

You're a Dinosaur, and Your Creative's Old Too

Oct 19, 2007 - How you can avoid being yesterday's advertising news. Comments

Dynamic Social Sites, Yet Static Ads

Oct 5, 2007 - As information and data help create more dynamic Web sites, why is so much Web advertising slow to catch up? Comments

Tackling Adblock Plus

Sep 7, 2007 - Why the latest release of the Firefox plug-in is a threat to the online advertising and content creators. Comments

YouTube Chose Overlay Ads. Should You?

Aug 24, 2007 - Should you make the switch from pre-roll online video? Comments

The Parasite Paradox

Aug 10, 2007 - Knowing some companies exist to provide tools to improve consumers' lives is the first step to making your advertising more relevant. Comments

An Online Video Case Study: Mr. T & Hitachi

Jul 27, 2007 - Why online video isn't just for entertainment, media, and content companies. Comments

Growing Up Widget

Jul 13, 2007 - We've only just begun to see the widget. How will it mature? Comments

When the Medium Isn't the Message

Jun 15, 2007 - Does viral success necessarily mean ad success? Comments

Has Network TV Become Irrelevant?

Jun 1, 2007 - What TV networks can do online to remain important offline to both consumers and advertisers. Comments

Online Video Content's Bright Past

May 18, 2007 - Online video content is regressing to an earlier stage while other content advances, and that spells opportunity for savvy marketers. Comments

An Open Letter to YouTube

May 4, 2007 - Unsolicited advice from an advertiser who's a consumer, too. Comments

Rich Media [at] Google.com?

Apr 20, 2007 - Why some calculated moves may have us all serving rich media through the search giant. Comments

It's 11 O'Clock. Do You Know Where Your Ad Is?

Mar 23, 2007 - What we may be forgetting in the race to perfect video advertising. Comments

Stop the Spot: A Call to Arms

Mar 9, 2007 - Can publishers change video advertising -- for the better? Comments

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