Stefan Pollard

Stefan Pollard

E-mail marketing expert

Stefan Pollard, who started his career in online marketing in 1999, was considered a selfless mentor and champion of best practices in e-mail marketing. He held the position of senior strategic consultant at Responsys where he was responsible for developing e-mail marketing and lifecycle messaging strategies to increase clients' ROI. Before that, Stefan led the e-mail consulting program for Lyris clients, frequently speaking at industry events on best practices. Prior to that, he managed the audit process and consulted with clients to improve their e-mail delivery challenges for Habeas. As an e-mail marketer, he spent several years building and executing acquisition and retention campaigns at E-Loan and He died May 14, 2010.

In Memoriam: Stefan Pollard
E-mail marketing community mourns the loss of a marketing pro dedicated to helping his peers and clients and working to improve an industry. Here are their tributes celebrating his life.

E-mail Marketing Expert Stefan Pollard Dies
An expert in deliverability is remembered as a champion of best practices and someone who selflessly gave of his time to others.


9 Tips to Improve Your E-mail’s Top-Line Content

May 30, 2010 - Don’t waste your prime e-mail real estate with bad content. Use a preheader and navigation to pull readers into your message. Comments

Set the Alarm Clock on Your Sleeping Subscribers

May 19, 2010 - Win back your inactive subscribers by figuring out what went wrong and trying a reactivation program. Comments

Cross-Promotions: Do's and Don'ts

May 5, 2010 - Is there enough crossover among your market niches to justify cross-brand promotions? Consider these best practices. Comments

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Apr 21, 2010 - Adding short-term events and creating short-term newsletters can deliver long-term benefits when done correctly. Comments

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Apr 7, 2010 - Here are two tactics that can help you collect data at different points in the customer relationship. Comments

Show Value to Solve Relevance Challenges

Mar 24, 2010 - End the guessing game between subscribers and senders and make your e-mail program more relevant by improving your acquisition process. Comments

Seek and Destroy Invalid Addresses to Avoid Temporary Blocking

Feb 24, 2010 - How to ensure your e-mail marketing messages will get cleared by ISPs. Comments

Best Practice Versus What Works: Let the Data Decide

Feb 10, 2010 - Why you need to test every aspect of your e-mail program and use the data this testing generates when making decisions and assessing performance. Comments

How to Improve Your Process for Acquiring E-mail Subscribers

Jan 27, 2010 - A checklist for auditing your e-mail subscriber acquisition practices. Comments

Encourage Repeat Buying With Replenishment Messages

Jan 13, 2010 - How to deepen your relationship with customers and bring them back for that all-important repeat purchase. Comments

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Dec 30, 2009 - When should you send an apology e-mail and what you should, and shouldn't, say. Comments

Your Top Holiday Deliverability Virtue: Patience

Dec 16, 2009 - Delivery issues are inevitable during the holiday season, and making enemies with the Internet service providers won't help. Comments

Your Subscribers Are Talking. Are You Listening?

Dec 2, 2009 - If you want to improve your program, you need to hear what subscribers are thinking and telling people. Comments

Eight Tips for Effective E-mail Preheaders

Nov 18, 2009 - Find out how to use e-mail preheaders to entice the reader to look at the message. Comments

Removing 'Unengaged' Is Key to Deliverability, Too

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Avoid Desperate E-Mail Tactics This Holiday

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Increase Your Holiday E-Mail Frequency

Aug 12, 2009 - Tactics for improving your holiday e-mail strategy and increasing your mailing frequency -- without losing subscribers. Comments

Rehab for Your Sender Reputation, Part 2

Jul 29, 2009 - How to repair damage caused by e-mail marketing messages that are unrecognized, unexpected, or unwanted. Comments

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