Erik Dafforn

Erik Dafforn

Erik Dafforn is the executive vice president of Intrapromote LLC, an SEO firm headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Erik manages SEO campaigns for clients ranging from tiny to enormous and edits Intrapromote's blog, SEO Speedwagon. Prior to joining Intrapromote in 1999, Erik worked as a freelance writer and editor. He also worked in-house as a development editor for Macmillan and IDG Books. Erik has a Bachelor's degree in English from Wabash College. Follow Erik and Intrapromote on Twitter.


Demystifying Google Webmaster Tools Reports, Part 1

Dec 23, 2009 - A look at GWT site configuration reports and why they are important. First in a three-part series. Comments

SEM Holiday Wish List 2009

Dec 9, 2009 - What one search marketer would like to see from Google, Bing, and Yahoo in the coming year. Comments

Tips for Rapid Crawling and Indexing

Nov 25, 2009 - Ways to help search engines notice your site's new content and URLs more quickly. Comments

Educational Requirements for Search Marketers

Nov 11, 2009 - How important is a formal SEM education in today's market? Comments

How to Use Yahoo's Webmaster Tools

Oct 28, 2009 - Five features in Yahoo's Site Explorer that should be on your radar. Comments

SEO Takeaways for Fall '09

Oct 14, 2009 - Recent SEO announcements and what they mean for your site. Comments

SEO Solutions for Language/Region Selectors

Sep 30, 2009 - Offer global options without messing up your SEO. Comments

SEO Site Analysis Facts and Fantasies

Sep 16, 2009 - How to shop for and sell SEO/SEM site analyses. Comments

Demystifying Google Webmaster Tools Reports, Part 4

Sep 2, 2009 - Examining the "Diagnostics" reports, from crawl stats to HTML suggestions. Last in a series. Comments

Demystifying Google Webmaster Tools Reports, Part 3

Aug 19, 2009 - Examining the Diagnostics reports of Google Webmaster Tools. Comments

Demystifying Google Webmaster Tools Reports, Part 2

Aug 5, 2009 - A close look at the "Your site on the web" reports of GWT. Comments

Fallout of Nofollow and Search Engine Advice

Jun 24, 2009 - SEOs, Google, nofollow, and homeless kittens. Intrigued? Comments

How Social Media Sites Should Use Internal SEO, Part 2

Jun 10, 2009 - More ways that social media sites could increase natural search traffic with a few SEO tweaks. Comments

How Social Media Sites Should Use Internal SEO, Part 1

May 27, 2009 - Social media sites would be even better at reputation management if they'd follow some basic SEO principles. First in a series. Comments

Squeezing More SEM Information From Web Analytics

May 13, 2009 - Get more out of your search engine marketing campaign by squeezing more out of your analytics package. Comments

When SEM Needs to Back Off

Apr 29, 2009 - Sometimes a search engine marketer's greatest skill is knowing when to back down. Comments

Avoiding a Collision Between Twitter Analytics and SEO

Apr 15, 2009 - Count your visitors without forfeiting link equity. Comments

Diagnosing Search Issues From the Query Box

Apr 1, 2009 - Ways to find out whether engines see the same site you do. Comments

Robots Exclusion Confusion, Part 2

Mar 18, 2009 - How to use the wildcard character, avoid sending mixed signals to robots, and more. Second in a two-part series. Comments

Robots Exclusion Confusion, Part 1

Mar 4, 2009 - Clearing up misconceptions about the versatile robots.txt file. First in a two-part series. Comments

Understanding the New Canonical Link Element

Feb 18, 2009 - Google, Yahoo, and MSN/Live announce joint support for a new link element. Learn when, why, and how you should use it. Comments

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