Jonathan Shapiro

Jonathan Shapiro

Jonathan was CEO at MediaWhiz until July 2011. He was responsible for guiding strategy and operational execution, including overseeing the integration of the company's suite of marketing services, leading the development of new and unique capabilities, and ensuring the organization delivered better results for its performance marketing clients.

Before joining MediaWhiz, Jonathan was president of Lillian Vernon Corp., where he was responsible for the management of the company and its subsidiaries. Lillian Vernon was sold to a group of investors in July 2006.

Previously, Jonathan was the chief strategy officer of DoubleClick, where he was in charge of setting strategy and overseeing M&A. He began his tenure at DoubleClick as vice president responsible for the company's Internet Advertising Network before being appointed senior vice president of the company's Abacus online division, where he created DoubleClick's data strategy and oversaw development of new online targeting products and services.

Additionally, Jonathan was the executive responsible for developing United Media's original Web businesses (The Dilbert Zone,, and, and was a senior consultant with McKinsey & Co.


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