Beth Cox Correspondent,


Interest in Online Banking Grows

Dec 30, 2003 - Barring a major security breach, U.S. consumers will increasingly turn to bank Web sites. Comments

Opting in to Anti-Spam Compliance

Dec 18, 2003 - Is your small business ready to comply with the new anti-spam law? Here’s one affordable solution that can help SMBs with micro marketing budgets remain... Comments

The Dilemma of E-mail Marketing for SMBs

Nov 26, 2003 - The fine line between what is considered legitimate e-mail marketing and spam is often vague enough to deter even the most honest businesses from engaging... Comments

MSN Now A House Divided

Oct 29, 2003 - Citing a need to tidy up, Microsoft's online presence will split intotwo divisions. Does this mean the end of Microsoft's ISP ambitions? Comments

Overture Locks in MSN

Oct 17, 2003 - The contract extension douses speculation that MSN would be reluctant to re-sign with the Yahoo! subsidiary. Comments

Singingfish Swims With Rich Media

Aug 21, 2003 - The audio/video content search player is adding Flash results to its repertoire while it says the rest of the school is still learning how to master... Comments

Google Wild About Commoditizing Search

Aug 20, 2003 - Co-founder Sergey Brin extols the benefits of AdWords and AdSense as he skirts questions about possible Microsoft acquisition plans or filing an IPO. Comments

More Battles With the Demon Spammers

Aug 15, 2003 - Readers respond to columnist Beth Cox’s commentary on why it was time to throw in the towel on her own personal crusade against spam. Comments

64-bit, Thy Name is AMD

Aug 13, 2003 - The No. 2 chipmaker looks to replace the generic x86-64 moniker with its own 'AMD64' stamp of approval. Comments

Memo to Spammers: I Surrender

Jul 30, 2003 - When she had to choose between blocking the constant deluge of junk mail or possibly missing another important correspondence or news tip, columnist... Comments

DoubleClick Poised at High End

Jun 17, 2003 - The advertising and marketing giant is projecting second quarter results could come in at the higher end of earlier guidance. Comments

AOL Inks Pact With Best Buy

Apr 3, 2003 - Following in the footsteps of EarthLink, the embattled ISP signs a promotional agreement that includes both in-store advertising for its broadband service... Comments

eBay Ends AOL Ad Sales Deal

Apr 1, 2003 - Although some friction is reported between the companies, the money is increasingly less significant to eBay; meanwhile prosecutors are after PayPal... Comments

Al-Jazeera's English Site Slammed by Traffic

Mar 25, 2003 - An Arab TV channel uses Web to reach viewers who don't receive its cable signal. Comments

IT Retail Spending Up, Hardware on Hold

Mar 24, 2003 - Forecasts indicate that 2003 will be a year of spending moderately in the retail sector, but on the hardware front, uncertainty and frustration reign... Comments

LendingTree Scores an Exclusive

Mar 24, 2003 - The loan origination site inks a pact with that makes it the sole integrated loan provider on the car sales site. Comments

IDC: MSN Reining In ISP Aspirations

Mar 17, 2003 - By signing broadband deals with Qwest and Verizon, MSN is laying the groundwork for exiting the Internet access business, according to a new report. Comments

Wedding Bells for DealTime, Epinions

Mar 12, 2003 - The shopping search company and the consumer review and product ratings firm will integrate content and technology, while maintaining their branding. Comments

Two Thumbs Up for E-Commerce

Feb 26, 2003 - The official government measuring body says that fourth-quarter 2002 online sales were very good indeed. Comments

'Value Pricing' Key to Boosting Profits

Feb 26, 2003 - Research study finds that the leaders in e-commerce, PC sales and other industries are the ones best able to avoid price deflation and meet customer... Comments

E-Commerce Industry Soaring

Feb 18, 2003 - Research says is leading a performance surge, while travel, online brokerage and auction sites also are doing well. Comments

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