Jason Ciment

Jason Ciment

Jason Ciment is CEO of MagMall, which he founded 1997. He designed, programmed, and developed the fully interactive java and perl-based magazine subscription Web site that has more than 10,000 individual and corporate partners. He has also worked with manufacturing companies such as Liz Claiborne and Jones New York to maintain quality standards and prompt order fulfillment.


Star Light, Star Bright, How You Shine So Paper White

Jun 7, 2002 - Use a white paper to enhance your credibility and enhance affiliate selling efforts. Comments

Coping With SSS: Seven Seconds to Seducing Affiliates

May 24, 2002 - Having problems getting through to your affiliates? Find out how to hurdle some common obstacles. Comments

Another Reason for Spider-Man to Dislike Cookies

May 10, 2002 - Cookie-based tracking techniques for affiliate programs have enough flaws already... and here comes a new one. Comments

A Recipe for Affiliate Success

Apr 26, 2002 - Follow Jason's instructions, and you'll discover super affiliates that can really drive revenue. Comments

I Just Need More Time, Captain

Apr 12, 2002 - It's spring -- time to make a fresh start on your daily routine. Comments

This Column Is Brought to You by the Letter 'P'

Mar 29, 2002 - You may be bombarded by distractions, but a few simple 'P'-related tips can help you focus on your business goals. Comments

Making Your Site Pay Off

Mar 15, 2002 - It's a numbers game. If your site isn't earning as much as you think it should, here are tools to boost and leverage your traffic. Comments

Communicate More Effectively Outside the Browser

Mar 1, 2002 - Jason believes dynamic screensaver technology is the killer app for communicating with your affiliates, customers, and employees. Comments

How to Develop a Communications Strategy for Your Affiliates

Feb 15, 2002 - Affiliates not making money? What we may have here is a failure to communicate. Comments

Imaginary Friends Help Break Through Barriers

Feb 1, 2002 - Before you make a sales pitch, you need to find out specifically what prospects need and want. How about surveying them? Comments

Rules to Live by for Aggressive Affiliate Engagement

Jan 18, 2002 - How do you use affiliates to help you launch a new Web site? Follow the step-by-step process Jason outlines. Comments

Merchants, Start Facing the Demon Today

Jan 4, 2002 - The pressure's on to monetize all of the traffic that's arriving on merchant sites, but take the high road and listen to your customers rather than... Comments

Take It on a Case-by-Case Basis

Dec 21, 2001 - There are those in the affiliate industry who are pushing to establish standard revenue-sharing agreements, but Jason calls such efforts "insanely irrational... Comments

Treat Me Right

Dec 7, 2001 - Why do CPA deals get a bad rap from affiliates? A few slimy merchants poison the environment for everyone. Comments

Start Making Sense

Nov 16, 2001 - Prepaid performance deals may be all the rage in affiliate circles, but they don't make much sense to Jason. Comments

Cookies, Cookies, Everywhere...

Nov 2, 2001 - Can technology solve the affiliate problem? Some say yes, but Jason argues that the answer isn't quite that simple. But that doesn't mean there aren... Comments

Tough Questions for the Good and Welfare

Oct 19, 2001 - Are affiliate merchants cheating their affiliates out of commissions? In many cases, the answer is an astounding YES. Comments

Face and Fight Abandonment

Oct 5, 2001 - Keep your site visitors from taking off before consummating a purchase, lest the affiliates that sent them there abandon you, too. Comments

Who Are You? Building Instant Credibility

Sep 21, 2001 - We face a challenge from all the visitors and affiliates who find their way onto our sites: Who are we to deserve their attention -- not to mention... Comments

Giving to Get: Take This Link and Love It

Sep 7, 2001 - As the storm clouds of summer fade, their absence augurs new opportunities for the surviving dot-coms that hunker down for the holiday-shopping frenzy... Comments

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