Seana Mulcahy

Seana Mulcahy

Seana Mulcahy is vice president, director of interactive media at Mullen (an IPG company). She's been creating online brands since before the first banner was sold. Her expertise includes online and traditional media planning and buying, e-mail marketing, viral marketing, click-stream analysis, customer tracking, promotions, search engine optimization and launching brands online. Prior to Mullen, Seana was vice president of media services at Carat Interactive. She's built online media services divisions for three companies and has worked with clients spanning financial, telecom, high-tech, healthcare and retail. Not surprisingly, she has taught, lectured and written about the industry for numerous trade associations and publications.


Love Is Still in the Air

Feb 18, 2003 - Cupid's arrows start flying between single wireless subscribers. Comments

Has Advertising Sold Out?

Feb 11, 2003 - Is online a place for product placement? Comments

Done With Football?

Feb 4, 2003 - With an audience of 138 million and spots costing $2.1 million, even a boring Super Bowl makes a big impact. Comments

Say What You Want, It's Still the Leader

Jan 28, 2003 - Don't be too quick to dismiss AOL as a factor in the online media game. Comments

Mile High Net?

Jan 21, 2003 - Travel advertising goes digital. Is it a high-flying opportunity or a disaster waiting to happen? Comments

Wanna Partner?

Jan 14, 2003 - People spout the word 'partnership,' but what do they mean? Comments

Take It From Someone Else

Jan 7, 2003 - Some media you can't buy -- you have to earn it. Comments

Reaching Cyberchondriacs

Dec 31, 2002 - When 73 million plus Americans seek health-related information online, marketers had better provide it. Comments

Don't Kill the (Wireless) Messenger

Dec 24, 2002 - Our everyday work and home lives are being transformed by wireless. Is it time to get serious about wireless marketing? Comments

Seniority on the Web: The Fastest Growing Online Population

Dec 17, 2002 - It ain't your Grandma's Internet! Online seniors are dynamic, affluent, and, as a group, growing much faster than you think. Comments

Selling to the E-Fluentials

Dec 10, 2002 - Who are the 'e-fluentials,' and how do you reach them? If you can sell to this key group, they'll sell to everyone else. Comments

Entertainment Mania

Dec 3, 2002 - Many have tried; few have succeeded. How do you create advertainment online? Comments

Why Buy Today What You Could Buy Tomorrow?

Nov 26, 2002 - Stifling information isn't the way to win consumers' hearts. Comments

Tales of the E-City

Nov 19, 2002 - There are big-picture Internet ad issues, and then there's thedown-and-dirty reality. Comments

An On-Demand World

Nov 12, 2002 - Contextual relevance, clutter, and consumer control... not problems exclusively reserved for online buyers. Comments

Bells Beginning to Jingle?

Nov 5, 2002 - A none-too-spectacular holiday season is upon us, but online's under the mistletoe. A projected mild spending increase sure beats last year's lump of... Comments

No Crystal Ball, Just Survivor-Speak

Oct 29, 2002 - Neither exuberant nor irrational. Those who weathered the online ad slump talk tactics for the present and the future. Comments

Shoot, Score... Surf!

Oct 22, 2002 - Football kicks off tailgate parties on sport sites. Advertisers, get ready to score! Comments

From Dazzle to Daily

Oct 15, 2002 - As the Internet becomes less of a toy and more a part of people's daily lives, the tone and placement of your advertising should shift accordingly. Comments

A Setback for Consumer Confidence

Oct 8, 2002 - Online scams deal a blow to those of us trying to encourage online commerce, but we can fight back. Comments

Sshh... The Shopping Police

Oct 1, 2002 - Shop. Lunch. Shop. Employers take aim against Internet primetime's core audience: at-work surfers. Comments

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