Declan Dunn

Declan Dunn

Declan Dunn is CEO of ADNet International, a direct marketing services provider that focuses on select projects and its own super affiliate network, including the Net Profits business training systems delivered at ActiveMarketplace.


Regulating Chaos, Part 4: Affiliate Markets Adapt Standards

Feb 21, 2003 - What happens when a market tries to regulate itself? First, the extremists dominate the discussion. Sometimes, the market understands and adapts. Comments

Regulating Chaos, Part 3: Adware, Merchants, and Affiliates Speak Out

Feb 7, 2003 - Will the players agree to play nicely? Declan asks adware companies, merchants, and affiliates for their take on self-regulation. Comments

Regulating Chaos, Part 2: The Affiliate Networks' Dividing Line

Jan 24, 2003 - Guidelinesare great, but what about enforcement? Comments

Regulating Chaos, Part 1: Adware and the Affiliate Code of Conduct

Jan 10, 2003 - The new affiliate industry code of conduct: There's something in it for everyone as the industry moves to self-regulate. Comments

The Top 6 Trends of 2003: Don't Predict the Future, Invent It

Dec 27, 2002 - You can guess what's going to happen next year, or you can go right out and make it happen. Comments

Fewer Leads, Better Quality

Dec 13, 2002 - How Kaplan controls an effective affiliate program. Comments

The Sooner, the Better?

Nov 15, 2002 - Hit ’send.’ Your email arrives... three weeks later. Not in time for the holidays. What’s going on? Comments

Demand Marketing: By Their Actions You Will Know Them

Nov 1, 2002 - Adware companies are on to something. You need to understand it and practice it. Comments

The Big Lie about Spyware and Adware

Oct 18, 2002 - 'Spyware' and 'adware' aren't synonymous. The difference is important for affiliates to understand. Comments

Spyware Grows Up

Oct 4, 2002 - Those so-called spyware and thiefware apps graduate from ripping off affiliate links. Comments

Is Email Marketing Hurting Your Business?

Sep 20, 2002 - Warning: Super affiliate emails may be hazardous to your company's health. Comments

The Four Myths of Affiliate Marketing

Sep 6, 2002 - Too many businesses expect affiliate marketing to be something it's not. Comments

Reports of Affiliate Programs' Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

Aug 23, 2002 - Sure, some of the outdated notions of what an affiliate program should be are disappearing. But that's good news. Comments

More Customers or Better Customers?

Aug 9, 2002 - If you're still bragging about how many affiliates you have, you've missed the boat. Comments

How to Reach the Top of the Inbox

Jul 26, 2002 - Hint: It’s going to cost you! Comments

Your Email Is in the New Black Hole and You Don’t Know It!

Jul 12, 2002 - The new volume filters implemented by ISPs could spell trouble for affiliates who depend on email. Comments

La Cosa Nostra, Affiliate Style: The Power of Partnerships

Jun 28, 2002 - Profiting together is easier than playing solo. Comments

Performance-Based Testing: Avoid the Most Common Affiliate Mistake

May 31, 2002 - Direct marketing is a lot of science and only a little bit of art. Learn to play by the numbers and win. Comments

Spam Solution: Charge for Commercial Email

May 3, 2002 - Declan predicts marketers will soon pay for guaranteed delivery of spam-free commercial email. Until then, a carelessly worded message could land your... Comments

eBay's Temporary Insanity at Affiliates' Expense

Apr 19, 2002 - eBay made a mistake. eBay should pay for it -- not affiliates. Comments

Big Banner Ads Rule

Apr 5, 2002 - Bigger banners have been making a splash on the Internet, but affiliate programs haven't yet made the best use of the increased space. Comments

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