Debbie Weil

Debbie Weil

Debbie Weil is publisher of WordBiz Report, which focuses on the business of words online. It was awarded The Newsletter on Newsletters' Gold Award for Online Subscription Newsletter. A former newspaper reporter with an MBA and corporate marketing experience, Debbie is an expert on B2B online content and marketing at both the strategic and creative levels. She was Web content marketing manager for Network Solutions (now part of Verisign) before launching


Spam Replaces Security as Top Messaging Priority

Jun 17, 2003 - Spam has become such an obstacle on enterprise networks that battling it has replaced security as the top corporate priority when it comes to messaging... Comments

E-Newsletter Not for You? Try Sponsorship

Aug 7, 2002 - If publishing your own e-newsletter sounds onerous, try piggybacking on someone else’s success. Comments

A Year Later: Still More Confessions of an E-Newsletter Publisher

Jul 24, 2002 - An e-newsletter’s first birthday: growing pains, lessons learned, and the beginnings of some revenue flow. Comments

Measure the Success of Your E-Newsletter, Part 2

Jul 10, 2002 - Is your e-newsletter working? Here’s how to find out. In part two of ’Measuring Success’: qualitative metrics. Comments

Measure the Success of Your E-Newsletter, Part 1

Jun 26, 2002 - Is your e-newsletter working? Here’s how to find out. In part one of ’Measuring Success’: quantitative metrics. Comments

Still Rearing Its Ugly Head: HTML Versus Text

Jun 12, 2002 - You might think this question has been hashed to death. It hasn’t. Comments

It's That Time Again: Summer Reading Recommendations

May 29, 2002 - Debbie's annual list of summer reading recommendations is shorter this year. Many publications have succumbed to the fallout. But there's still plenty... Comments

Conference Blog: Earthquakes, Wizards, Words and Email Stats

May 15, 2002 - A recent conference wasn’t as earth moving as last year’s event -- but did inspire our intrepid columnist to try her hand at blogging. Comments

B2B E-Newsletter Launch: A Handy Checklist

May 1, 2002 - Launching an e-newsletter is on your short list of marketing tasks. Here’s what you need to do to make it happen. Comments

Does Your E-Newsletter Have a Content Formula?

Apr 17, 2002 - If your e-newsletter is running out of steam, you need to devise a plan that will keep it going strong. Comments

The Secret Life of a ClickZ Columnist

Apr 3, 2002 - Headline got you curious? That’s the idea. And that’s the purpose of any good subject line. Comments

B2B Versus B2C Email Marketing: Five Differentiators

Mar 20, 2002 - Tactics, psychology, and complexity -- why B2B email marketing is different (and why Debbie thinks it’s a whole lot more interesting) than B2C. Comments

The Etiquette of Email Marketing at the Office

Mar 6, 2002 - Stop. Before you hit ’send,’ make sure that email to your colleague is delivering the message you intend to convey. Comments

Ouch!: Why B2B Acquisition Email Campaigns Can Be Tough

Feb 20, 2002 - Challenges are just the nature of the B2B email marketing beast, but you can definitely make some moves to improve your campaign results. Comments

E-Newsletter Sponsorships: The Sweet Spot of B2B Email Marketing

Feb 6, 2002 - Sponsorship text ads attract qualified leads. Debbie tells you how to craft an offer and write and place your own ad, step by step. Comments

Beware: Online Surveys Are Seductively Easy

Jan 23, 2002 - The technology may be user friendly, but the methodology required to put together a useful online survey isn't as easy as it looks. Comments

Ten Things You Absolutely Need to Know About B2B Email Marketing

Jan 9, 2002 - The Roman god Janus had it right: Looking back while looking forward is the best way to take stock. Comments

More Confessions of an E-Newsletter Publisher

Dec 26, 2001 - The HTML breakthrough! Tune in as Debbie shares more trials, tribulations, and triumphs in this true-life saga of launching and publishing an e-newsletter... Comments

Tying Content to the Bottom Line

Dec 12, 2001 - Keeping content fresh and relevant on a B2B site is critical. In doing so, don't lose sight of the real goal -- converting your prospects into customers... Comments

Selecting a Self-Service HTML E-Newsletter Vendor, Part 2

Nov 28, 2001 - All the ingredients of a near-perfect permission email marketing strategy are wrapped up in a corporate e-newsletter. You're creating it in an elegant... Comments

Selecting a Self-Service HTML E-Newsletter Vendor, Part 1

Nov 14, 2001 - All the ingredients of a near-perfect, permission email marketing strategy are wrapped up in a corporate e-newsletter. Why not do it in an elegant... Comments

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