Eric Ward

Eric Ward


Eric Ward founded the Web's first link building and content publicity service, called NetPOST. Today, Eric provides strategic linking consulting, link building services, training, and consulting via The publisher of the strategic linking advice newsletter LinkMoses Private, Eric is a co-developer of AdGooroo's Link Insight.

Eric uses his experience and unique understanding of web's vast linking patterns to teach companies his link building techniques. He has developed content linking strategies for, WarnerBros, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic,,, and Eric won the 1995 Tenagra Award for Internet Marketing Excellence, and in 2007 was profiled in the book Online Marketing Heroes.



The Impact of Links in Social Media

Dec 21, 2011 - Recognize the social linking potential for your site, and balance that potential with the practical. Comments

Linking Mistakes to Avoid (Part 2): Removing Orphaned URLs

Oct 26, 2001 - You've got an active Web site. Files go up, come down, get archived, and are renamed. Meanwhile, all those search engines think your old links are current... Comments

Linking Mistakes to Avoid (Part 1): Link Optimization and Short URLs

Sep 3, 2001 - You've probably heard of search engine optimization (SEO), but what about linking optimization (LO)? Linking is an inextricable part of the Web, and... Comments

Now Is the Time for a Portal Link Audit

Jul 23, 2001 - Have you maximized your links across the major portals? Do you know all the options available to you there? You have other things to do than keep up... Comments

Make Friends With Competing Search Engine Links

May 24, 2001 - You can fight them, or you can join them. The Net is a perfect place for "You scratch my back, I scratch yours," so make friends with links that compete... Comments

Easy Linkin'

May 10, 2001 - Do you have a link-instructions page? Well, according to Eric, it may be a simple and effective way to encourage links. Comments

Holistic Link Potential: Beyond the Home Page

Apr 26, 2001 - Some clients' sites have the potential for hundreds of links, others the potential for fewer. But Eric shows us how almost every site has linkable content... Comments

Linking Stew

Apr 12, 2001 - Looking for a hodgepodge of news, odds, ends, and fact versus fiction on building links? You took the time to ask questions and share cool information... Comments

How to Build a Free and Fast Link-Alert Service

Mar 29, 2001 - How can you keep daily track of new links to your site without spending a fortune? Well, according to Eric, setting up your own link-alert service is... Comments

A Linking-Campaign Primer

Mar 15, 2001 - Who cares more about your Web site than you do? No one. That's why when it comes to inbound linking efforts, Eric believes there's no better expert... Comments

Email Links: The Good, the Bad, and the Gibberish

Mar 1, 2001 - Tracking a user who comes to your site after clicking on an email link is far more complicated than tracking a user who comes to your site from another... Comments

Linking 101: Back to Basics

Feb 15, 2001 - Can you admit you have more to learn? Well, the Link Mensch's Q&A is both a lesson in linking and humility. Comments

The Five Major Flaws of Link Popularity

Feb 1, 2001 - Link popularity is the new kid in town, and a mighty popular one at that. But don't get swept up in the enthusiasm of the crowd. The kid's not without... Comments

Portal Links: Where They Are and How to Get Them

Jan 18, 2001 - Paid submissions? Distributed listings? Paid spidering? What would have been heresy a year ago is now irrefutable fact. Read on for a quick overview... Comments

Resuscitating Dead Links

Jan 4, 2001 - Be careful if you decide to remove a dead link from a search engine. Too drastic a change to those web pages and you might just screw up those rankings... Comments

What Makes a Site Link-Worthy?

Dec 7, 2000 - If we think of the word "useful" as a continuum, then the most useful sites (link-worthy sites) are those that provide rich, quality content on a specific... Comments

A Link Too Far: Understanding Link Depth Origination

Nov 23, 2000 - Link popularity worries are causing some marketers to submit pages that don't belong to them to the engines. An overview of key issues surrounding link... Comments

What Your Link Request Should Contain and Why

Nov 9, 2000 - The Link Mensch tells you how to request a link. Complete with a sample link-request email and a list of everything it should contain. Comments

Link Popularity Is Not Your Only Linking Goal

Oct 26, 2000 - Assessing link popularity is a technique that several search engines use in ranking sites for searchers. Google is the most well-known search engine... Comments

Building an Effective Linking Strategy

Oct 12, 2000 - Call him "The Link Mensch." Everyone else does. Why? Because the man lives links. All day, every day, he builds links. And he's been doing it for six... Comments

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