Stephen Diorio

Stephen Diorio

Stephen Diorio is President of IMT Strategies, which he founded in 1998. He is an established authority in sales and marketing strategy with specific expertise in hybrid selling systems, customer relationship management (CRM), and e-business strategy development. He has developed high-growth, low-cost channel strategies for leading marketers including IBM, American Express, GE, and Eastman Chemical and has published "CRM 2000: A Demand Side Perspective on Relationship Marketing." Prior to forming IMT Strategies, Steve was a partner at Oxford Associates, a leading "go to market" and e-commerce strategy firm. Steve has held marketing management positions at Citicorp Direct Marketing and GE Sales and Marketing. He holds an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago and an engineering degree from Bucknell University.


A Framework for Reaching Online Customers

Aug 1, 2001 - In the third of a three-part series, Stephen discusses in more detail the various customer design points that influence management practices and investments... Comments

Drawing a Clearer Picture of the Online Customer

Jun 29, 2001 - As online shoppers gain know-how, their behavior, responsiveness, and sensitivity to marketing is evolving and beginning to differ materially according... Comments

The Importance of Changing Customer Buying Behavior

May 18, 2001 - As technology life cycles shorten and the pace of innovation explodes, customers will expect the quality of service to be continually upgraded; they... Comments

E-Marketing Processes Must Change

Apr 2, 2001 - Email is cheap, ubiquitous, and dangerous enough to highlight the need for organizations to change the way they manage their marketing processes. Comments

How to Catch on to Viral Marketing

Feb 16, 2001 - Online consumers have a propensity to communicate and can become an ideal sales and marketing channel. Viral marketing can best leverage the democratic... Comments

Governance Issues in Content Management

Jan 12, 2001 - Your content matters. Your marketing materials -- from online catalogs to web copy and graphics -- are critical for establishing corporate brand and... Comments

Capturing Value From Web Traffic

Dec 8, 2000 - Few e-business leaders have demonstrated an understanding of how to monetize traffic, or effectively convert web visitors into revenue dollars. Here... Comments

Online Promotions Drive Traffic and Sales

Nov 10, 2000 - Brick-and-mortar retailers are beginning to realize the potential of online promotions like coupons and loyalty programs to drive traffic and sales... Comments

The Six Primary Flavors of Online Marketplaces

Sep 8, 2000 - As online marketplaces proliferate, we see a bewildering array of subvarieties and hybrid exchange models. These variants can be distilled into six... Comments

Strategic Management for Online Marketplaces

Aug 11, 2000 - By 2003, online marketplaces must be managed strategically as part of the selling channel mix. Short-term, stopgap tactics will not suffice when the... Comments

Are You Ready for the Online Marketplace?

Jul 14, 2000 - Selling into online marketplaces Internet auctions, exchanges, and eventually Net markets will be inevitable for more than 2 million businesses worldwide... Comments

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