Chris McTiernan

Chris McTiernan

Chris McTiernan has been developing, implementing, and managing e-business solutions for the past four years. As a senior member of NOVO's E-Business Strategy and Planning Group, Chris partners with clients to define e-business strategies and operational plans. He has played a lead role in planning and leading the development of several highly successful Internet ventures for NOVO's Fortune 500 and dot-com clientele.

Chris began his Internet career at BigBook, the leading online Yellow Pages at the time, managing advertising services. He later worked with CNET, helping to build the online publisher's advertising services department, serving on the development team for Snap! (now NBCi), and assisting in implementing the company's first e-commerce partnerships.


E-CRM: Power to the People

Jul 30, 2001 - People will try to sell you customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. But understand that you're just buying software. You'll have to add the... Comments

You Want to Sell Me What?

Mar 26, 2001 - Were you planning to use email marketing as a means of acquiring customers and managing relationships with them? If so, Chris strongly advises following... Comments

Surfing the Channel -- Channel Partners, That Is

Mar 12, 2001 - Selecting channel partnerships online can often be a much riskier gamble than establishing partnerships offline. But when you know what your greatest... Comments

B2B Marketing Redux

Feb 26, 2001 - How does B2B marketing function in a market that is tightfisted and fraught with uncertainty and risk? The answer isn't new, but it's simple: Demonstrate... Comments

Putting the P Into e-CRM

Feb 12, 2001 - People will try to sell you customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. But understand that you're just buying software. You'll have to add the... Comments

B2B Advertising: Challenges, Opportunities

Jan 29, 2001 - Online advertising poses special challenges to those in the B2B biz. Chris doesn't have all the answers, but he can show you how to start finding them... Comments

The Last Word on Personalization (for Now)

Jan 15, 2001 - If you've been reading Chris's articles lately, you know he has a thing about data: collecting it, managing it, using it. The payoff for all this brain... Comments

Personalization: Putting Data to Work

Jan 1, 2001 - In the last few weeks, Chris has been talking about tracking and analysis in the B2B world. Today he turns his attention to one of the most important... Comments

Tracking and Analysis Tools: Part 2

Dec 18, 2000 - Chris delves deeper into his examination of tracking and analysis tools. His focus this week: reporting and analytics. Comments

Tracking and Analysis Tools: An Introduction

Dec 4, 2000 - We know a lot about our customers. Yet it's still hard to predict how they'll act or what they'll want. In the next few articles, Chris will be taking... Comments

How Effective Are Your Integrated Advertising Efforts?

Nov 20, 2000 - What's one of the biggest challenges facing companies today? Developing strategies that take into account on- and offline activity. Chris tells you... Comments

Two Strategic Rules of Thumb

Nov 6, 2000 - Marketers, whatever their industry, want to send the right message to the right customer with the right pricing under the right circumstances through... Comments

Keep Sight of Marketing Fundamentals

Oct 23, 2000 - The new economy has given us an incredible diversity of marketing models. We've got viral marketing, B2C marketing, affinity marketing, partner marketing... Comments

Toward a Personalization Bill of Rights

Oct 9, 2000 - Chris recently took part in a conversation about the Constitution, and this led him to think about how important it is for companies to shape a sound... Comments

B2B Outsourcing: How To Do What You Dont Do

Sep 25, 2000 - Fascinating things are happening in the B2B realm. Obviously, the growing momentum behind Net markets and exchanges is at the top of the list. But another... Comments

Megabytes and Gigabytes and Terabytes, Oh My

Sep 11, 2000 - Every Net market or B2B marketing initiative is unique in its methods and aims, yet they all share one fundamental characteristic: They produce data... Comments

Six Trillion Reasons for Leveraging Net Markets

Aug 28, 2000 - The prediction that Net markets will account for $6 trillion in commerce is not news. What's news is the potential value of those markets to companies... Comments

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