Marcia Yudkin

Marcia Yudkin

Besides moderating the ClickZ Forum for more than one year, Marcia Yudkin has had a long and distinguished career as a writer and marketing consultant. Her books include "Six Steps to Free Publicity," "Persuading on Paper," and just released by Maximum Press, "Internet Marketing for Less Than $500/Year." As a consultant, she works primarily with solo professionals and business owners, helping them gain the attention of their target markets through the creative, effective use of words.


Shine Brightly as an Expert

Jan 10, 2001 - In the continuing quest for free publicity, you can certainly use some more free advice. Marcia obliges, explaining what sites look for in an "expert... Comments

Become a Star on Someone Else's Site

Jan 3, 2001 - Imagine getting free web space to promote yourself on a site someone else is paying to attract visitors to. Sound like a fantasy? It's a reality for... Comments

Top 10 Web Site Blunders: Part 2

Dec 27, 2000 - Taken a fresh look at your web site recently? If you haven't, it really might be in need of a marketing tune-up. See what your site does right -- and... Comments

Top 10 Web Site Blunders: Part 1

Dec 20, 2000 - Does your web site grab visitors and pull them in? Or is it so confusing that visitors leave and hope never to come back? Check out Marcia's checklist... Comments

Accessibility Can Pay Off

Dec 13, 2000 -,, If they couldn't hang on, what chance does the underfunded upstart stand? Well, sometimes smaller is better. Marcia... Comments

Getting Connected With Email

Dec 6, 2000 - In this wired world, you don't have to be a somebody yourself to win the ear of someone with influence. But who are these people, and where do you find... Comments

Links: Cheaper and Better Than Banners

Nov 29, 2000 - Though the quest for links is tedious and slow, once you've chosen an appealing topic, filled your piece with meaty content, and kept self-promotion... Comments

Setting Out Bait Online

Nov 22, 2000 - With the growth of the web, the strategy of setting out free bait for your target market has become more and more powerful. Here's how and why it works... Comments

Tips for Effective Schmoozing

Nov 15, 2000 - Want to get the word out about what you're selling? Participating in online forums and discussion lists is a great way to do it. But be careful -- this... Comments

Schmoozing for Success

Nov 8, 2000 - You can land clients and make sales through a step-by-step, strategic program of schmoozing online. And it'll cost you nothing other than the time... Comments

Building Your Online Fan Club

Nov 1, 2000 - Whether you sell diet counseling or electric drills, collecting and nurturing enthusiasts requires little or no money online and pays off handsomely... Comments

Launching an Email Newsletter

Oct 25, 2000 - Want to build up a base of potential customers who know who you are and what value your products or services can provide them? Then start your own email... Comments

Even Better Than a Web Site: The Email Newsletter

Oct 18, 2000 - Looking for an effective, low-cost way to reach potential clients? Those who provide a personal or professional service or sell informational products... Comments

No-Cost (or Low-Cost) Techniques That Pay Off Big

Oct 11, 2000 - Do you have more time on your hands than money in the bank? More creativity to spend than cash? Then this column's for you. In it, Marcia will be addressing... Comments

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