Trude Diamond

Trude Diamond

Trude Diamond, Ed.D., has been playing with people's heads for their own good for 30 years, during which time she has taken her work seriously and herself not so. She has been involved in e-biz since "push workflow" over the corporate WAN was a novel idea, and customers were allowed through the firewall for "self-fulfillment" (back in the days when that term meant direct catalog ordering, not e-porn). Her company, Diamond Write Inc., provides WBT and marketing solutions to clients in the local Chamber of Commerce Committee of 100 and out-of-towners ranging from the Inc. 500 to the Fortune 500. She reads Forbes and Fast Company. Draw your own conclusions.


Be Fast, Cheap, and Easy

Jan 25, 2001 - Your mother may have told you not to be fast, cheap, and easy, but today's economy tells us something quite different. In her farewell column, Trude... Comments

New Year's Revolutions

Jan 18, 2001 - How many New Year's resolutions have you broken so far? Whatever you do, keep the resolutions you've made about customer relationships -- and watch... Comments

Knowledge: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Jan 11, 2001 - The holiday frenzy is over (for now), and what do we have to show for it at the end of the day (and millennium)? Gifts that you use up or that need... Comments

Customers: You Heed Them, Now Lead Them

Jan 4, 2001 - Give the customers what they want. A favorite mantra -- obviously for good reason. The problem? All your competitors are doing just that. The solution... Comments

How to Help Your Customers Teach You

Dec 14, 2000 - It used to be that marketers wanting to learn about their customers had to rely on faulty instructional material. But times have changed. Trude's here... Comments

Helpful Intrusiveness

Dec 7, 2000 - A longitudinal (and entirely unscientific) study of fussy shoppers (i.e., Trude and her friends) demonstrates that sites' "helpful shopping suggestions... Comments

Leading Techies to the Training They Want

Nov 30, 2000 - With the recent shakeout, more techies are looking for jobs. And some know that gaining technical certification can help. Build loyalty (and revenue... Comments

Training the Turkeys

Nov 23, 2000 - Thanksgiving Day, and you're reading work-related stuff. Today is the day for stuffing, not stuff. But since you're here, let's talk turkey. Sometimes... Comments

Connecting Your Customers to Online Business Training

Nov 16, 2000 - What's the likely benefit of a more informed customer? One who's more satisfied. So what background knowledge should people have to recognize just how... Comments

What Marketers Can Gain From Web-Based Ed

Nov 9, 2000 - In this and coming articles, Trude's looking at web-based educational offerings. Why should marketing professionals care? Because web-based training... Comments

Sites Where Training Techniques Pay Off

Nov 2, 2000 - ClickZ readers have asked, "Which sites out there have successfully applied training techniques to marketing objectives?" Never say Trude isn't obliging... Comments

Commit Yourself to Your Customers

Oct 5, 2000 - Being true to yourself, Trude suggested last week, will help you in your marketing efforts. Now it's time to look at being true to your customers. Fortunately... Comments

Marketing: Up Close and Personal

Sep 28, 2000 - Some of the simplest rules for living in general apply to life in e-biz. The irony is that the simplest rules can be the hardest to apply. Take "To... Comments

Listen to Customers for Loyalty and Trust

Sep 21, 2000 - Involving customers in site-development decisions builds ownership and trust, a goal that can permeate every aspect of your site. Once you've tailored... Comments

Building Customer Profiles

Sep 14, 2000 - In marketing as in training, before you lead customers anywhere, you have to start from where they are. The question is how to get from profile to profit... Comments

Customer Retention Strategies

Sep 7, 2000 - Two terms that have negative connotations in training, but embody the essence of customer care for marketing, are "spoon-feeding" and "handholding... Comments

Training Tactics as Marketing Strategy

Aug 31, 2000 - The goal here is to get your site visitors and customers to get some skin in the game. Vest some interest in your success because you've become a vendor... Comments

Spin Complaints Into Site Improvements

Aug 24, 2000 - It pays to listen to customer complaints. A customer who invests the time to make a suggestion, even a nasty complaint, is giving you leverage for increased... Comments

Gaining Customer Trust

Aug 17, 2000 - How can you get customers to prefer you over the competition? It's a matter of trust. People trust you when you give them power. You can lead them to... Comments

The Wonders of Just-in-Time Training

Aug 10, 2000 - People subconsciously resist formal training because it poses the risk of failure. Employees only grudgingly accept training when it's required for... Comments

Give Site Visitors a Learning Experience

Aug 3, 2000 - If you're wondering why you should care about providing a learning experience for your site visitors, here's why: People increasingly feel that they... Comments

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