Tig Tillinghast

Tig Tillinghast

Tig Tillinghast helped start and run some of the industry's largest interactive divisions. He started out at Leo Burnett, joined J. Walter Thompson to run its interactive division out of San Francisco, and wound up building Anderson & Lembke's interactive group as well.


How Clutter Kills Creativity

Sep 4, 2002 - Time spent with European media spawns ideas for cutting through the clutter. Comments

Anti-Drug Campaign Creative: Worth $760 Million?

Aug 7, 2002 - What do taxpayers get for in return for footing a very hefty ad budget? The creative's online, so Tig took a hard look. Comments

'Going Negative' Is the Way to Go

Jul 10, 2002 - Apple's recent anti-Microsoft campaign illustrates how negative advertising can yield positive results for your brand. Comments

How to Open Your (Audience's) Eyes

Jun 12, 2002 - Brilliant creative can be as powerful and evocative as Proust's Madeleine. Online may be the most effective medium for deeply sensory messages. Comments

Who Wears the Creative Briefs?

May 15, 2002 - Creative teams aren't production departments. Creative, effective , online ads require creative input from a campaign's inception. Comments

Teasers: Look Before You Leap

Apr 17, 2002 - Launching a new campaign with a tease? Better ensure you can deliver the payoff. Comments

Why Agencies Often Don't Buy What's Good for You

Mar 15, 2002 - Is your agency opting for inefficiency when it makes your media buys? Here's how to tell, and what to do if it is. Comments

10 Media Predictions for 2002

Mar 8, 2002 - Whither bound in 2002, interactive media? It's not all that grim out there, says our resident expert. Comments

Avoiding Traditional Media's Trump

Mar 1, 2002 - Ever seen a deal where online media is thrown in for 'free'? Here's how to evaluate its real worth. Comments

Media Buyers: Will Google Put You Out of Business?

Feb 22, 2002 - Tig's done the math. He thinks Google's just-launched CPC model (coupled with its stealth technology) could eventually make many agency and sales functions... Comments

Research Goose Chases

Feb 15, 2002 - Studies are showing that media people believe we need better systems for measuring online advertising. But who are these media people being surveyed? Comments

Is Pay for Placement Ethical?

Feb 8, 2002 - When the almighty dollar owns the top slot of search engine results, does anyone win? Comments

In Search Engine Arms Race, Google Raises User Experience Bar

Feb 1, 2002 - It's been the mantra since the advent of the Internet, but some people still don't get it. Interactive marketing is all about user choice, and companies... Comments

Online Inequities

Jan 25, 2002 - Here in the world of online, we're the Cinderella of the medium, except there's no Fairy Godmother to pretty us up so the advertising princes fall in... Comments

Finding Ozzie Online

Jan 18, 2002 - It turns out that the Internet is subject to the same daypart variations as are traditional media -- a finding that has important implications for media... Comments

Don't Contort Your Work to Fit Your Accounting System

Jan 11, 2002 - If your chief financial officer is report happy, you may find yourself twisting your processes to fit them into the system. Resist the impulse -- separate... Comments

Playing by the Accounting Systems' Rules

Jan 4, 2002 - No matter how sophisticated we get in our thinking about online media performance, antiquated accounting systems often get the last word. Comments

Stuck With Sticky

Dec 28, 2001 - Sticky sites: Good for advertisers, or do they mire down other brands? Comments

How to Suck at Interactive Marketing

Dec 21, 2001 - In his past articles, Tig has explained how marketers should act to win clients and customers, but he hasn't yet explained how you should behave to... Comments

Caring and Feeding Your Creatives

Dec 14, 2001 - They're not the enemy. They can be your allies. Here's how the media team can better work with the creative department. Comments

The Great Online Media Recovery Will Happen Q3 2003

Dec 7, 2001 - The Big Chill? Tig predicts frozen media budgets won't thaw until well into the year after next. Sounds like a long, cold winter. Comments

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