Karim Sanjabi

Karim Sanjabi

Karim is President & CEO of Freestyle Interactive Inc., a privately held, full-service interactive shop based in San Francisco. Freestyle creates online advertising and marketing solutions, such as interactive Java banner ads, promotions, and branded entertainment, for progressive Fortune 1000 clients. Freestyle also offers to top agencies and interactive shops technical consulting and engineering that complements their services. The people at Freestyle playfully describe their work as "a little creative and a lot of math." Prior to founding Freestyle in May 1997, Karim was President of Node8, an Internet consulting company that evolved into Freestyle.


Help Desk Workers Suffer 2002 Salary Drop

Feb 19, 2003 - U.S. help desk workers took it hard in the wallet last year, with the sluggish economy dragging down 2002 salaries across the board, but product managers... Comments

Building Your Digital Brand

Oct 6, 2000 - Online has always taken a back seat to offline in brand building. Yet, online offers the best options for building a meaningful brand options that didn... Comments

Planning the Rich Media Buy

Jun 15, 2000 - With any campaign, the creative strategy behind the ad is only half the story. Ad placement is the other half, which is often overlooked when dealing... Comments

Debunking the Myths

Jun 8, 2000 - With any new technology, myths evolve around the lack of education, and rich media is no exception. Too often, the issue is clouded by technology voodoo... Comments

Animated GIFs: More Expensive Than Rich Media?

Jun 1, 2000 - Rich media cheaper than animated GIFs? Get a load on these two hypothetical banner campaigns! You just might change your mind after Karim compares the... Comments

Creating Dynamic Ads on the Fly

May 25, 2000 - On-the-fly content personalization and user behavior profiling have enjoyed a fair share of Internet hype, but how can agencies use these techniques... Comments

Integrating Online and Offline Agency Work

May 18, 2000 - Offline and online agencies must work closely together to pull off integrated advertising campaigns. While some agencies perform both online and offline... Comments

Building Creative That Works

May 11, 2000 - Agencies are dinosaurs. While they aren't in danger of extinction quite yet, they need, technologically speaking, to evolve rapidly. Future creative... Comments

Designing for a World Full of Net Devices

May 4, 2000 - The online advertising industry is in for a shock. At the very moment agencies are becoming comfortable with rich media, the rules are changing. The... Comments

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