Adam Posman

Adam Posman

Adam Posman is a strategic planner with BAM Strategy, a leading digital agency with offices in Montreal and Toronto. BAM's core services include strategic planning, media buying, creative production, online contests, email marketing, and customized marketing technologies.


Would You Pay for Google?

Apr 23, 2002 - Google just introduced a paid research service. Could paid search be next? Comments

Sustainable Ad-Supported Content

Jan 1, 2002 - Online publishing appeared to be easy money a few years ago, but it has turned into a strategic, difficult market with fewer strong players that can... Comments

The Maturing Online Media Market, 2001

Dec 27, 2001 - Happy New Year? For media buyers at least, the future is looking brighter. Comments

Yahoo! Is Now All About "Focus"

Nov 15, 2001 - UPDATE: Company fires 400 employees in restructuring. New strategy includes charging for more services and less "attitude." Comments

Survivors in the Not-So-New Economy

Oct 25, 2001 - With the economy on the decline for nearly 18 months, patterns are emerging as to where the Web-marketing world is heading and what it takes to survive... Comments

The Inevitable Underdelivery Problem

Oct 11, 2001 - As we head into the critical holiday season -- when underdelivery can mean the difference between making sales goals and falling short -- preventing... Comments

Gator: Fair Game?

Sep 13, 2001 - How far can the industry push the limits to make Web advertising a sustainable medium without overstepping its bounds? We never really seem to get an... Comments

Focus on Pharmaceuticals

Aug 30, 2001 - Skepticism about the viability of the online medium continues to grow, but two industries that should be allocating greater volumes online are healthcare... Comments

Online Contests and Incentives

Aug 16, 2001 - Promoting online contests has become an effective way to build email list volumes, particularly at the B2C level for low-commitment consumer goods... Comments

Profitability in Publishing

Aug 2, 2001 - In the radically changed world of Internet publishing, profits are scarce and aggressively sought. Sponsored search has become a lucrative business... Comments

Disarray in the Search World

Jul 19, 2001 - Search-generated traffic is among the most-qualified and best-converting traffic that can be driven to a Web site. But just as with all good things... Comments

Dot-Com Success in Travel

Jul 12, 2001 - So why does the travel industry make such a great case study for online success? A number of critical factors about the industry have allowed it to... Comments

Conversions Are All About Commitment

Jul 5, 2001 - Every advertiser has an ultimate conversion goal. But different conversions require different levels of commitment. After all, few would buy a big-ticket... Comments

Marketing Dollars and Diminishing Returns

Jun 28, 2001 - If you were hungry, you would get the most utility out of the first apple you consumed, slightly less from the second, and so on. Spending money on... Comments

Revisiting Ads on Internet Portals

Jun 21, 2001 - Perspectives on the portal deal have fluctuated over the past two years, somewhat in line with market trends. So do portal deals still make sense? Depending... Comments

Agency Conflicts of Interest

Jun 14, 2001 - Positioned between the media and technology suppliers on the one hand and the spenders on the other, an ad agency is like a middleman, aware of the... Comments

Weathering the B2B E-Storm

Jun 7, 2001 - Implementing a B2B marketing strategy can be difficult. The market is lucrative, but successful approaches are not as obvious as they are in consumer... Comments

Sustainable Ad-Supported Content

May 31, 2001 - Online publishing appeared to be easy money a few years ago, but it has turned into a strategic, difficult market with fewer strong players that can... Comments

What a Difference a Year Makes

Apr 18, 2001 - Although it's fashionable to talk about the dot-com failures, let's instead look at what separates the successful dot-coms from the rest. Here are some... Comments

Learning From the Winners

Mar 28, 2001 -, a leading performance-based search provider, expects to exceed projected first-quarter sales. Adam points out the uniqueness of its services... Comments

Agencies Can, and Should, Promote Online Advertising

Mar 21, 2001 - Why aren't traditional advertisers enjoying the effectiveness and cost benefits of online ads? A lot has to do with their ad agencies. Clients need... Comments

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