Zhenya Gene Senyak

Zhenya Gene Senyak

Zhenya Gene Senyak of www.senyak.com is a bipolar writer/marcom pro based in a formerly lazy California chicken farming river town. A ClickZ writer, he's also the author of Prentice-Hall's "Inside Public Relations" and Public Relations Journal articles on cognitive dissonance and fear appeals, and is a contributor to Business 2.0, OMNI, Home Office Computing, Publish, and other onlineand offline media.


Starwood Launches New Hotel Brand in Second Life

Aug 7, 2006 - Players in the massively multiplayer virtual world will get a taste of the new hotel chain over a year before it opens its doors. Comments

The Short Ugly Truth About CRM

Mar 23, 2001 - Today's full-blown e-CRM systems go way beyond communicating and monitoring. They initiate a series of customer-service actions automatically. So why... Comments

PR and Punching Pixels for President

Nov 21, 2000 - While PR positioning played a major role in the aftermath of the 2000 presidential race, the bumbling events that unfolded seem to prove how resilient... Comments

Up in Smoke

Nov 14, 2000 - A major brouhaha erupted last week over the undue influence of key PR firms like Burson-Marsteller and Porter Novelli on the media. Gene watched sophisticated... Comments

Howard Hughes for President

Nov 7, 2000 - The process of selecting a new president is yet another battle of the brands. Much like the way Hughes is rebranding itself from defense contractor... Comments

Shredding the Dow

Oct 31, 2000 - The Dow is about to be reshuffled since GE gobbled up Honeywell. Candidates are telecommunications and new media companies, making selection a front... Comments

Full Disclosure...

Oct 24, 2000 - The practice of PR and investor relations (IR) has changed forever. Over strong objections from the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) and... Comments

The Naked Emperor of Marketing

Oct 17, 2000 - Public relations tends to breed confusion because it operates in both the stratospheric levels of corporate positioning and strategic marketing, and... Comments

Creative New Media PR 101

Oct 10, 2000 - PR's got a problem. A big one. The explosion of the Internet has irrevocably changed the media landscape, but few PR people seem to realize it. Too... Comments

Trailblazing PR's Newest Frontier

Oct 3, 2000 - It may be treasonous to suggest the old way of doing PR is over. Yet that dark continent of e-zines and online newsletters is certain to change the... Comments

Taking on the Biggest, Baddest Publicity Medium

Sep 26, 2000 - There is a publicity medium that rivals network TV in its reach and dwarfs print media in its circulation and intimacy. The medium targets its markets... Comments

When PR Comes Skidding Round the Curve

Sep 19, 2000 - The difference between public relations and publicity was spelled out in all the headlines and on all the news shows this past week. We didn't see the... Comments

The Real Inside Traitor

Sep 12, 2000 - If there's a defining parable for these speed-and-greed times, the recent Emulex PR fiasco has to be a contender. Now that the smoke's clearing, a more... Comments

Whack-a-Flack: Kicking a Dead Cow

Aug 29, 2000 - Whack-a-Flack is a nasty but funny little video game. But too much has happened to degrade the public relations profession in recent years for it to... Comments


Aug 22, 2000 - Suddenly, just how much bang you can get for your promotional buck matters. While publicity with its cachet of credibility and enormous reach still... Comments

The Press Release Is Dead and Thriving

Aug 8, 2000 - As a way to kick off your publicity campaign, the press release is dead. It's a casualty of the dot-com wars. You can lay it to rest alongside all those... Comments

Buzzie from Nashville: The Grand Ole oPRy

Aug 1, 2000 - If you're looking for some program ideas that are so basic, yet truly fresh, you're gonna love this Buzzie nominee. Off the beaten media trail, a Nashville... Comments

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Public Relations Ethics

Jul 25, 2000 - We've been talking about positioning and techniques, successful online programs, and busts. But we haven't come close to the dark side of PR. While... Comments

Waiting for the Roto-Rooter Man

Jul 18, 2000 - The best PR programs have one thing in common: They all start with positioning. Positioning is the evolution of a dubious process that used to be called... Comments

What Dinosaurs Eat for Lunch

Jul 11, 2000 - You know what happened to the dinosaurs, right? They ate themselves out of existence or turned into parrots, or maybe a giant meteor raised a cloud... Comments

In Praise of Independence

Jul 4, 2000 - Ah, summertime... finally and fully here. Freed at last from the cold, rain, and mud, we head for the seashore, mountain streams and dreams of freedom... Comments

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