Adam Jackson

Adam Jackson

Adam Jackson is a freelance Art Director in New York City. He has worked on top brands for several interactive ad agencies and with some of the top Internet marketing minds. He has worked with Sony, Lockheed-Martin, Best Buy, Ameritrade, Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, IBM, Valvoline,, and a host of blue-chip Canadian brands. With five years of industry experience, and a few awards, Adam's career has grown with the Web.


Tough Times: Lessons Learned

Apr 24, 2001 - In these tough times, Internet advertising has gotten a bad rap. But let's not throw the baby out with the bath water. Here are some hard-learned lessons... Comments

Geeks and Freaks: A Killer Partnership

Mar 27, 2001 - When working with online creative, there's a huge factor that differentiates a great idea executed well from one that is executed poorly: the technology... Comments

IAB New Ad Units: What's Next?

Mar 13, 2001 - The IAB voluntary guidelines for new ad units bring much-needed changes to the advertising options that keep publishers in business. Adam highlights... Comments

Striking a Balance Between the Art and Science of Web Design

Feb 27, 2001 - Art concept versus site usability: Have you faced this dilemma before? Choosing the right tactical approach to drive creative makes the difference between... Comments

Online Advertising: On the Brink of a New Era?

Feb 6, 2001 - Internet advertising is taking a beating, calling into question the value of marketing on the Internet at all. The current state of affairs may just... Comments

Makin' It Sticky

Jan 23, 2001 - Customer-acquisition costs are high, so advertisers are demanding more from advertising creative. A recent trend is to incorporate customer relationship... Comments

Celebrating the Online Advertising Industry Shakeout

Jan 16, 2001 - The industry is experiencing a severe hit, and the human consequences are tragic. But Internet advertising will recover, and those left standing should... Comments

Is Flash Really 99% Bad?

Dec 12, 2000 - Usability is a factor that designers must take into account. They also have to create high-impact web advertising. For now, Flash seems to be the most... Comments

In Search of a Better Online Ad Unit

Nov 14, 2000 - There's been a lot of talk about the effectiveness of standard online ad units. Recent research says smaller units such as buttons and half banners... Comments

Build Brands Online With Advertainment

Nov 7, 2000 - The dividing line between content and advertising isn't as strong online as it is in traditional advertising. This results in a unique opportunity to... Comments

Creating a Positive Interaction With the Brand

Oct 31, 2000 - We now have more sophisticated metrics than CTR to determine campaign success. Use interactivity and traditional advertising tactics to create relevance... Comments

Web Promotions: Worth the Price?

Oct 10, 2000 - Promotions can be a wonderful tool. They can encourage the trial usage of new products, increase short-term sales figures, and drive much-needed traffic... Comments

The Viral Component in Online Creative

Oct 3, 2000 - You've developed a great online campaign, a well-integrated system of executions that play on individual strengths and touch the consumer in a relevant... Comments

What Happens After the Click?

Sep 26, 2000 - When implementing an online marketing campaign, the first stage is usually composed of banner ads. Used in conjunction with rich media and unique ad... Comments

How to Design a More Effective Banner

Sep 19, 2000 - There are a number of different ways to design a great banner. Over the years, we've seen that the time-tested "truths" of traditional advertising are... Comments

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