Shawn Collins

Shawn Collins

Shawn Collins is a Co-Founder of the Affiliate Summit conference, Co-Editor-in-Chief of FeedFront Magazine, and has been an affiliate marketer since 1997.



Waking the Dead

Jun 14, 2002 - 'Dead' affiliates may only be sleeping. How to revive active participation in your program. Comments

Automated Affiliate Communication

May 17, 2002 - In affiliate marketing, there's no substitute for keeping in touch -- but you can certainly streamline the way you accomplish it. Comments

Sustaining Affiliate Program Success

Aug 24, 2001 - Ever think about how to improve the active rate of your affiliate program? Have you actually done anything to it? If you are not going to work with... Comments

Make the Time to Save Your Affiliates

Aug 10, 2001 - Are affiliate managers planning to fail or just failing toplan? Find out why some simple time management tips cantranslate into a lot of longevity for... Comments

The Affiliate Cookie Fortune

Jul 27, 2001 - The problem's pretty simple: The average user on the Internet is not buying a product on his or her first visit -- and, in most cases, subsequent visits... Comments

Smart Tags Are Affiliate Ignorant

Jul 13, 2001 - Imagine all of the sites lining up to pay Microsoft to advertise to the targeted traffic of your affiliates. They could sell each and every conceivable... Comments

More Cool Tools for the Affiliate Manager

Jun 29, 2001 - Shawn shares helful tips on tools and resources for maximizing the effectiveness of affiliate programs. So are you interested in finding super affiliates... Comments

What Is the Best Affiliate Solution?

Jun 15, 2001 - Although a number of decisions must be made when launching an affiliate program, the choice of an affiliate solution is one that must be given much... Comments

Climate Control in Affiliate Marketing

Jun 1, 2001 - Many affiliate programs are giving affiliates the shaft, and many affiliates think they're being treated as a free branding tool. The time has come... Comments

Incentive Sites: Love Them or Leave Them

May 18, 2001 - There are two distinct camps when it comes to incentive sites -- those who love them and those who refuse to accept them as affiliates. But Shawn just... Comments

Affiliate Kindergartner Wisdom: All You Ever Need to Know

May 4, 2001 - What do you know about affiliate marketing? According to Shawn, all you ever really need to know about how to manage a program you can learn as an affiliate... Comments

Fraud: Affiliates Fight Back

Apr 20, 2001 - Now that you know how to identify the faces of affiliate fraud, what are you doing to checkmate these cheaters? Take a little more of Shawn's sage advice... Comments

Fraud: An Affiliate Epidemic

Apr 6, 2001 - Not only is fraud widespread in affiliate marketing, it comes in all shapes and sizes, from pimply 13-year-olds to sophisticated crime rings. Luckily... Comments

Sustaining Affiliate Program Success

Mar 23, 2001 - Are you still searching for suggestions on how to maximize your affiliate programs? Well, Shawn's back with more advice on how to spice things up and... Comments

How to Sustain Affiliate Program Success

Mar 9, 2001 - Are you interested in maximizing your affiliate channel, but not sure how to improve the active rate of your program? With some advice from Shawn, you... Comments

Cool Tools for the Affiliate Manager

Feb 23, 2001 - Being an affiliate manager is a tough act. But with Shawn's timesaving tools and resources, the job is about to get a lot easier. Comments

Making Time to Save Your Affiliates

Feb 9, 2001 - Are affiliate managers planning to fail or just failing to plan? Find out why some simple time management tips can translate into a lot of longevity... Comments

Affiliate Program Growth Potential

Jan 26, 2001 - If an affiliate program were launched yet never promoted, would anybody join it? Find out why Shawn believes sometimes you've got to knock affiliates... Comments

Teach Your Affiliates Well

Jan 12, 2001 - Do you truly know enough about the dynamics of affiliate marketing to be a great teacher? Maybe it's time to find out. Comments

New Year's Affiliate Resolutions

Dec 29, 2000 - Shawn gathers 2001 resolutions and expectations from some of the leading voices in the industry as we teeter on the brink of an economic recession. Comments

What Are Affiliates Thinking?

Dec 15, 2000 - Listen, if it were easy to run a great program, everybody would be doing it. Here's more on what affiliates marketers are thinking. Comments

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