Kim MacPherson

Kim MacPherson

Kim MacPherson is President and Founder of Inbox Interactive, a full-service email marketing agency specializing in promotional copywriting, HTML design, planning, and deployment/tracking solutions. Kim is also the author of "Permission-Based E-mail Marketing That Works!"


Personalization Not the Secret to E-Commerce

Nov 14, 2003 - Basic Web site improvements would serve e-tailers a whole lot more than personalized offers and recommendations, according to a study. Comments

Upgraded Seeks Everyday Searchers

Apr 21, 2003 - Best known for its Q&A format, the search firm improves search tools and processing speed to wean users off their Google habit. Comments

Reach the Readers -- and the Skimmers

Sep 20, 2001 - Much of your wonderful email message will go unread by a good portion of your target audience. And with that assumption comes a set of rules that you... Comments

It All Began With a Little Cheesecake

Jun 26, 2001 - This is Kim's last Email Marketing article for ClickZ, and we're going to miss her. Of course, she reminisces a bit about the good old days, and who... Comments

The Forest and the Trees

Jun 19, 2001 - If you ever find yourself in a quandary with respect to the creative development of a particular campaign, try going back to your roots. Step back far... Comments

Growing a List With Greetings and Sweeps

Jun 12, 2001 - Develop and grow a house email list, and the world will be your oyster. But how can you stand out in the crowd of free reports and e-newsletters and... Comments

Tests Only an Internet Marketer Could Love

Jun 5, 2001 - Why not break away from the tried-and-true and instead test some other potential response boosters out there that are both specific to and take advantage... Comments

The Weakest -- and the Strongest -- Link

May 29, 2001 - When links in a promotion are tracked individually, almost always a clear-cut winner emerges. That is, one piece of email real estate, above all others... Comments

Time to Clean Up the Neighborhood

May 21, 2001 - You're a respectable email marketer, an upstanding citizen of the permission-marketing space. You ask nice, you play nice. But you're surrounded by... Comments

Time to Outsource?

May 14, 2001 - "Survivor": It's the word of the day in this age of reduced budgets and staffing cuts. So sometimes your team doesn't have the resources it needs for... Comments

Fresh Ideas

May 7, 2001 - The tried-and-true. It's hard not to stick with it. Problem is, that can leave you stuck in one place. Take some lessons from email marketers who stepped... Comments

Pump Up the Volume With Copy That Sells

Apr 30, 2001 - What’s the secret to creating strong copy? Copy that grabs the reader’s attention and doesn’t let go till a sale is made? Alas, a magic formula doesn’t... Comments

The Value of a Lifetime

Apr 23, 2001 - Building a relationship with a customer can take a good deal of time. And money. And maybe the short-term payback isn't there. But think beyond the... Comments

The Name of the Game

Apr 16, 2001 - Sometimes it's called retention marketing. Other times loyalty or database marketing. But no matter what you call it, email's perfect for it. So get... Comments

HTML Versus Text: The Saga Continues

Apr 9, 2001 - So HTML's losing steam? Don't believe it. Despite what HTML naysayers say, Kim's finding that HTML messages consistently return stronger results than... Comments

It IS a Small World, After All

Apr 2, 2001 - Yes, it is a small world... at least so far as email marketing's concerned. But significant differences still exist when we're talking about the wireless... Comments

Database Marketing 101: Part 3

Mar 26, 2001 - Now that you’ve got a clear sense of the importance of your customer data, it’s time to lay out a solid strategy for building an effective CRM model... Comments

Database Marketing 101: Part 2

Mar 19, 2001 - Sure, we’re seeing personalization become the norm in email promotions. But we’ve still got a long way to go. What’s going to get us there? Behavioral... Comments

Database Marketing 101: Part 1

Mar 12, 2001 - Get relevant or get out. Out of Kim’s email inbox, that is. The key? Database marketing. Think of it as your strategy for keeping your marketing messages... Comments

Strategies for Achieving Momentum: Part 2

Mar 5, 2001 - She threw down the gauntlet, and ClickZ readers rose to the challenge. And what exactly was the challenge at hand? How to apply offline momentum-building... Comments

Strategies for Achieving Momentum

Feb 26, 2001 - A sales arena is a sales arena. Whether it's physical or virtual, similar concepts apply. And here's a key one: building momentum. This week and next... Comments

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