Paul J. Bruemmer

Paul J. Bruemmer

Paul J. Bruemmer is CEO of Web-Ignite Corporation, a search engine optimization (SEO) and positioning provider. Founded in 1995, Web-Ignite has helped promote over 15,000 Web sites and was recognized by ICONOCAST as one of the top 10 most reputable SEO firms. Services include optimization, submission, registration, positioning, monitoring, maintenance, paid-inclusion, and paid-placement management for fixed monthly fees. Recent client testimonials report search engine traffic increased from 150 to 500 percent.


Looking Into LookSmart

Mar 13, 2002 - LookSmart's reach and offerings for large and small marketers have kept revenues rising, even during the downturn. A commitment to relevance keeps users... Comments

Lycos: Weaving a New Web

Feb 27, 2002 - A preview of new Lycos products and services for searchers, subscribers, and site operators. Comments

An Eye on Third-Generation Search

Feb 13, 2002 - AltaVista's philosophy going forward. Comments

Defining Search Technology

Jan 30, 2002 - In this second installment of Paul's series on the major search engines, he gives us the dirt on the ever-popular Google. Comments

FAST and Fresh

Jan 16, 2002 - In his quest to give ClickZ readers a glimpse into the future of search engines, Paul conducted in-depth interviews with the major engines. Comments

Meta-Search Engines

Jan 2, 2002 - Rank in the results of major search engines, and you'll soar even higher in meta-search results. Comments

SEO and the Web Site Design Process

Dec 19, 2001 - So, you're building a new Web site. Be sure to incorporate SEO techniques sooner rather than later in the process. Comments

Surviving in Today's Search World

Dec 5, 2001 - The state of the search -- how search engines are coping, surviving, and occasionally even thriving in a southbound economy. Comments

Search Engine Optimization for Everyone

Nov 21, 2001 - A well-optimized site isn't only search engine friendly, it's user friendly, too. Strategic design and navigation will open your site to people with... Comments

Selecting a Reputable SEO Provider

Nov 7, 2001 - What do you want? What do you need? How much will it cost? This week, Paul suggests how to go about selecting a company to help your business with search... Comments

Understanding the Power of Search Engine Marketing

Oct 24, 2001 - If you build it, they will come... right? They won't -- unless your Web site shows up in search query results. Web users turn to search engines when... Comments

New Yahoo! Formula Requires Different Optimizing Strategies

Oct 10, 2001 - Yahoo! has announced significant changes in the way the directory will display and rank its listings -- changes with implications for users and optimizers... Comments

The Road to Link Popularity

Sep 26, 2001 - More and more search engines are using link popularity as a ranking criterion. How do you determine your link popularity, and what can you do with that... Comments

Yahoo! Ups the Ante

Sep 12, 2001 - Getting good positioning in Yahoo! can bring more traffic to your site than all other search engines combined. A Yahoo! listing also helps improve your... Comments

Make Way for the Deep Crawl

Aug 29, 2001 - The "deep Web" -- large dynamic sites with thousands, and sometimes millions, of URLs -- remained "uncrawlable" or invisible to most search engines... Comments

GiveYourself a Little More Reach

Aug 15, 2001 - It's common knowledge that job one is to get listed in major search vehicles. But other, lesser-known search engines are growing and can give you additional... Comments

Dominate the Search Engines for the Price of a Happy Meal

Aug 1, 2001 - Paul doesn't agree with Commercial Alert's complaint filed recently with the FTC against eight search engines. That complaint drew a parallel between... Comments

Optimizing for International Search Engines: Part 2

Jul 18, 2001 - In response to part 1, Paul received so much feedback -- some people sent updates, others requested more information -- that Paul put together a smorgasbord... Comments

Optimizing for International Search Engines

Jun 27, 2001 - Non-English-speaking populations prefer to be addressed in their native languages, even if they understand English. And when it comes to search engines... Comments

New Directions in Optimizing Page Content

Jun 13, 2001 - Last time, Paul promised to start covering changes in SEO strategies. This week, he starts with content optimization, including keyword selection, keyword... Comments

Things Are A-Changin' in the Search Engine World

May 30, 2001 - What does the search engine landscape look like now, and what services should be included in a good search engine positioning campaign? Starting this... Comments

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