Neil Cohen

Neil Cohen

Neil Cohen is a partner in campsix, an Internet incubator based in San Francisco. Previously, he was Senior Vice President-Business Affairs of Before joining, he served as Senior Vice President of Marketing for Zircon Corp.


Max Payne: the Latest Geek-chic Fashion

Aug 10, 2001 - Max Payne may be the latest example of Hollywood's new-found respect for the marketability of the tech-saavy community. Comments

South African Trade Group Establishes E-Tailer Guildelines

Aug 9, 2001 - In South Africa, one marketing trade group is trying to combat "improper marketing" in an effort to help ensure a pleasant experience for the e-consumer... Comments

Battling the Bad-News Blues

Apr 3, 2001 - How can your company prepare for bad news if it doesn't even know what to expect? Well, with Neil's rainy-day hints, dealing with disaster just got... Comments

Pulling It All Together

Mar 27, 2001 - While there is no magic recipe for creating a great marketing plan, Neil shares some tips on how to create a plan that pulls together all marketing... Comments

Analyze This

Mar 13, 2001 - Working with analysts is a tough, yet critical marketing component of a technology start-up. But with some tips from Neil on how to select the right... Comments

How to Create a Corporate ID

Mar 6, 2001 - Can your company's corporate identity and logo stand the test of time? Neil offers some smart development tips to generate long-term results. Comments

Vertical Ubiquity

Feb 27, 2001 - Why do companies like McDonald's and Coke go to all the trouble of attaining marketing nirvana -- the perception of ubiquity? Simply put, they believe... Comments

Get a New Business Plan, Stan

Feb 20, 2001 - Does your business plan contain the critical components necessary to obtain outside funding? Some planning pointers from Neil can help put you on the... Comments

How to Spot the Warning Signs of a Troubled Program

Feb 13, 2001 - Most marketing programs don't set the world on fire right out of the box. But following a few tips on how to spot potential troubles can help you hit... Comments

Kicking Off Your Agency Relationship

Feb 6, 2001 - While there's a lot of advice out there on getting the most out of your agency relationship, Neil's four basic tips are all you need to get things started... Comments

Upstart Start-Ups Can Beat the Big Guys

Jan 30, 2001 - Just because your competition is big and rich doesn't mean it has the right to win. If you understand that you're headed for a brawl and make the necessary... Comments

In Case of Economic Slowdown, Spend More

Jan 23, 2001 - So what if the economic skies are not as bright as they once seemed... and so what if one of the first line items to be cut in tough times is the marketing... Comments

Research: Do It Early, Do It Often

Jan 16, 2001 - Nothing in the world of marketing may be more amorphous than the concept of research, but one thing is clear: The idea is to provide information to... Comments

Advertising Lessons Learned

Jan 9, 2001 - Sometimes you just have to learn the hard way. But if you still haven't learned from the tough lessons of 2000, you may not be in business for long... Comments

Marketing Resolutions for the New Year

Dec 19, 2000 - Marketing is a powerful tool. And like any powerful tool, it can help or harm you depending on how skillfully it's used. Neil's here with some New Year... Comments

Choosing a Name Just Got Harder

Dec 12, 2000 - Neil experienced his first flak attack recently. But he's wiser for the experience, for it reminded him of a persistent -- and growing -- problem in... Comments

Establish Your Expertise

Dec 5, 2000 - What do you know that others would like to? Sharing your expertise is an effective -- and inexpensive -- way to impart credibility to yourself and market... Comments

Silence Isnt Golden

Nov 28, 2000 - Which is better: A motivated, informed workforce, or one that isn't? Not exactly a brain-buster, right? We're so busy starting things up, we forget... Comments

Ultradirect Marketing

Nov 21, 2000 - OK, so direct marketing is not particularly sexy. But it gets results. Sometimes the best marketing and sales efforts during a company's early stages... Comments

Your No. 1 Marketing Tool

Nov 14, 2000 - How to get the most out of limited resources is a question that many start-up marketers wrestle with. When money's tight, every effort counts. So you... Comments

Speak up and Get Your Company Counted

Nov 7, 2000 - Thinking about joining the podium set? You should -- it can be an excellent way for a young company to gain exposure. Neil's got some great tips to... Comments

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